Alien Covenant trailer: Probable nominee of Best Visual Effects category at the next Oscars

FP Staff

Mar,02 2017 12:56:47 IST

The xenomorphs are back in the latest trailer for Alien Covenant, the newest chapter in director Ridley Scott's storied sci-fi franchise.

A sequel of sorts to 2012's Prometheus – Michael Fassbender reprises his role of an android, albeit a newer model – the film centers on a colonisation mission to a remote paradise-like planet; the crew of the Covenant are couples assigned with the mission of populating the suspiciously lifeless new world.

The last Alien: Covenant teaser was a subtle hint at the dangers the movie’s colonists would face on their new world, taking the time to make a reference to the iconic dinner scene in the original Alien.

The latest preview follows a similarly red-band trailer showing one especially bloody shower scene. Speaking of, our favorite and completely disgusting murderous extraterrestrial is back. In broad daylight, no less. The Xenomorphs were a favourite in the original Alien franchise. Here's a breakdown of the new xenomorphs:

One thing to remember is Prometheus, Ridley Scott's sideway's entry into reprising the Alien franchise, was a box office hit but left the audience disgruntled at the confusing story line.

But sequels and reboots are part of Hollywood’s bread and butter: there’s no getting away from that. There are plenty of good sequels out there, sure, but the industry rarely rewards departures that allow writers or directors to innovate. Hopefully, this time, Scott will get a chance to redeem himself as he takes on the iconic Alien franchise. Here's the vfx heavy trailer for Alien: Covenant which, by the looks of it, might be leading contender for the Best Special Effects category in the next Oscars:

Updated Date: Mar 02, 2017 12:57 PM