13 Reasons Why to be renewed for third season despite controversies around Netflix show


Jun 07, 2018 15:32:00 IST

Los Angeles: Netflix has greenlit the third season of its controversial hit series 13 Reasons Why.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the teenage drama will return next year with 13 new episodes.

13 Reasons Why poster

13 Reasons Why poster

The announcement comes less than three weeks after the show, one of the most streamed ones on Netflix, returned for its sophomore season.

The core cast, including Dylan Minnette, Miles Heizer and Alisha Boe, among others - are all expected to return, except Katherine Langford.

Langford, who played the lead Hannah Baker, confirmed her exit from the series after its second season bowed out.

The first season of 13 Reasons Why explored why Hannah committed suicide and the follow-up installment saw the aftermath of her death — her ghostly manifestation for Clay (played by Minnette) or his delusions.

Season two ended with Bryce serving only three months of probation after being arrested on charges of felony sexual assault; gearing up to leave Liberty High School and Clay thwarting a mass shooting at the hands of Tyler - a ticking time bomb. Production will resume later this year.

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Updated Date: Jun 07, 2018 15:32:00 IST