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Wipro's new logo: Connecting the dots is the intention, but brand experts are divided whether it does

Wipro’s new logo, the ‘connect the dots’ image with the company’s name emblazoned in its centre has not created a ripple as far as company logos go. In fact, when the IT major changed its logo in 1998 to the bright, multi-coloured logo of a flower, it then sparked off a lot of conversation.

The new brand identity marks Wipro’s emergence as a trusted digital transformation partner to clients ‘delivering at global scale with increased localized capabilities,” a PTI report said quoting a company statement.

The new logo, though muted in design and colour unlike its earlier logo, is not distinctive to be noticed or spoken about, say brand specialists. Opinion is divided on the effectiveness and impact of the new logo unveiled by Wipro earlier this month. Some brand specialists wondered what was the connect between the logo and the company which is among India’s leading IT firms.

The logo doesn’t hit the viewer in any manner – positive or negative. It is just another logo. “There is absence of clarity on what the logo wants to convey,” says Santosh Desai, Managing Director and CEO, Future Brands.

In fact, Chairman Azim Premji said: “Our brand identity is a visual expression of what we do and mean, for our clients … Our re-articulated values connect and resonate deeply with the new, vibrant identity,” the PTI report said.

When Premji’s statement was brought to Desai’s notice, he remarked that the logo should convey all that without it being explained. “There is absence of clarity in the logo. What is it trying to convey? By itself, the logo does not convey anything. The logo does not give a future direction of the company,” he said.

 Wipros new logo: Connecting the dots is the intention, but brand experts are divided whether it does

Wipro's new logo. Pic Courtesy: Wipro

The earlier logo of Wipro -- the rainbow flower symbol, a creation of Shombit Sengupta, founder, Shining Emotional Surplus, was ‘gawdy’ said Desai, adding that however, it did convey that Wipro was going through a shift and was doing things in a new way.

The logo is fun, young and fresh, some sector specialists said, but that works only if it was to be used in a B2B space. That is not the case with the logo as Wipro in the B2C space is trying to convey an image of ‘connecting the dots’ for its clients.


What’s wrong, an analyst said, is that the logo looks too weak in the B2C space. “It is almost fragile and will not have solidity if put on product like Wipro’s diapers. It is too old world and does not signify technology,” the analyst said.

Some of the other issues with the logo that sector specialists pointed out was that the font used, Arial, is quite common and widely used. A company’s logo should not be easily replicated, which is not the case with the new logo of Wipro. Not only that, it reminds one of having seen it before. There is no newness to it. The company could have crafted a new logo or used an old one and crafted a new one out of it, they said. “Wipro could have been creative,” some said.

Wipro is renowned as a tech company, but there are no codes of precision on the logo. The changing of a company’s logo is the time to make it unique and not remind the viewer about anything old. This was the time for the company to seize the opportunity to convey a new message erasing memories or connections with the old logo. “That’s hardly the case with the new logo,” an analyst said.

It is not like the IBM logo or the half-eaten apple of Apple that effectively conveys by saying less, he said.

The dots, however, represents the geographies or multiple business interests that Wipro has, said Alpana Parida, Managing Director, DY Works. “The Wipro logo does not work as it does not contain all the perceptions of the brand. A logo works sears into the brain and unlocks all the perceptions of the brand. Unfortunately the new logo of Wipro doesn’t. It just doesn’t click.”

Be that as it may, there is a section that believes the logo works. The change of a log impact the brand, for sure. Harish Bijoor, of Harish Bijoor Consultant, says that the logo keeps the continuity of the earlier rainbow flower logo of Wipro with the dots in the new logo. He feels it is far superior than the old logo and stands out with its new design of dots. “The dots talk of infinity, represents finite possibility, variety and also showcases the complexity of the business,” he says.

The logo is also representative of the changing world of businesses. The earlier logo of a flower was quite complex and the dots logo is simple and clean, believes N Chandramouli, CEO, Brand Trust Authority. “As a brand moves toward new identification, it needs to connect holistically with its audience. The challenge for Wipro is that it has a slew of products ranging from soaps to IT and that’s a tough call to have a logo that encompasses all of it,” he said.

The challenge is to have a visual element that comprehensively encompasses all of it. Wipro’s new logo is robust and has a very simplistic visual element, he says.



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