Microsoft planning to kill Nokia, Windows Phone brands: Report

Microsoft is planning to drop 'Nokia' and 'Windows Phone' branding from its upcoming devices this holiday season. A confidential internal document has surfaced online hinting at Microsoft's new plans.

The leaked document, titled 'Product Naming', reads: "As part of our phased transition, we will drop the manufacturer name [Nokia] from product references during the holiday campaign."

 Microsoft planning to kill Nokia, Windows Phone brands: Report

Representational image. AP

Interestingly, the report suggests the software company is planning to make 'Lumia' as the hero brand.

A post on the site claims, "Now we can confirm that Microsoft will be completely dropping the "Nokia" branding from their devices, leaving "Lumia" as the hero brand for upcoming devices."

"In fact we understand that the Lumia 830 and Lumia 730 will be the final two devices to launch with "Nokia" branded on the phone. Future devices will most likely carry the "Microsoft" name along with "Lumia"," the post stated.

In addition, Microsoft will also remove the 'Phone' from its 'Windows Phone' brand name.

The website quoted a source with knowledge of the plans saying, "this is part of the preparation to leave the 'Windows Phone' logo behind, as part of a gradual phase out of the Windows Phone name (and OS) which will merge with the desktop version of Windows in the upcoming updates (i.e. no Windows Phone 9)."

This leaked report, however, contradicts a post by @evleaks, an established tipster in the tech industry, which stated, "Microsoft is reportedly in the final stages of licensing the Nokia brand, for the purpose of calling the handsets 'Nokia by Microsoft'. Furthermore, say goodbye to Surface, and hello to Lumia, as the tablet lineup faces brand streamlining."

While still unconfirmed, the move wouldn't come as a surprise to anyone as Microsoft was expected to do some branding ever since it acquired Nokia's handset business for $7.2 billion. However, Nokia is still a respected mobile phone brand outside the U.S. and most in emerging markets, and it's too early to guess whether making 'Lumia' the hero brand could help revive the company's phone business or not.

Updated Date: Sep 11, 2014 15:54:26 IST