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Scrumptious Salmon: Experience seafood heaven with Salmon Al Forno

Oh My Foodness Vol 2: Salmon Al Forno (Serves 4)

Fancy a scrumptious fish supper? Give your food experiments a twist with this healthy concoction of salmon and asparagus. And if you’re someone who enjoys sea food, then this delicious Salmon Al Forno is a must-try. Salmon being a great source of vitamin D and asparagus being loaded with nutrients, this recipe not just promises to be lip-smacking, but also, assures you of being 100 percent nutritious.


200 gm Salmon fillets × 4

15-20 pcs asparagus

Salt and pepper to taste

For the Sauce:

200 gm shallots

100 gm extra virgin olive oil

50 gm butter

250 gm fresh cream

60 ml dry martini wine

Salt and pepper to taste



Blanch the asparagus and set aside

Slice Salmon fillets into two and season with salt and pepper

Sear the fish on medium flame until both sides turn gold and crisp and then set aside

In the same pan, sauté the asparagus for a minute

Bake the fish and the asparagus together for 3-4 minutes at 200 degrees in a pre-heated oven.

Sauté shallots with butter and oil in a pan until shallots turn brown

Flambé with dry Martini wine, add cream and cook for 5 minutes until shallots are soft

Blend sauce in a blender and pour on plate

Place the salmon and asparagus on top of the sauce

Serve hot


Note: Oh My Foodness is a food video series conceptualised and produced by The locations, chefs and the recipes in the series have been provided by Marriott International. No monetary exchange has taken place in the production of Oh My Foodness Vol 2.

Updated Date: Jun 15, 2018 16:15 PM

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