Meet Gladson Peter, India's only one-man band who can play up to 13 instruments at the same time

A one-man band is an artist who can play more than one musical instrument at the same time. 24-year-old Gladson Peter from Mumbai is India's one and only one-man band. Gladson started playing music at the age of three, and gradually turned his passion into a career over the years. He currently plays 13 instruments simultaneously, and is also gifted with the ability to master any musical instrument within a very short period of time.

Over the years, Gladson has learnt to play about 45 instruments in total. "When I am wearing the kit, I feel different, as though there is some sort of divine intervention that drives me," says Gladson, as he looks at his kit which weights around 25 kilograms. Gladson wants to travel the world, meet people from different cultures and spread love through his music.

Updated Date: Mar 01, 2018 19:14:54 IST