articles by Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri


Why brands are happy with negative goodwill in the outrage industry

Why would any brand want ‘negative goodwill’? Because prime time on the media debates only negative news. Once you are in this negative market, the media discusses it for hours and the brand gets million dollar worth free publicity


Opinion | It's time for Bollywood celebrities to stop glamourising and normalising drug abuse

Drug abuse is a complex issue and since Bollywood is at the centre of all the media spotlight, celebrities should behave responsibly and present a social conduct which inspire the young to be creative.


Narendra Modi's pitch for 'participative democracy' is Bharat ki asli baat: Indians who want change increasing at unprecedented pace

In one of his Independence-Day speeches from the Red Fort, Modi had appealed to well-to-do citizens, to give away gas subsidy. Beyond everyone's expectations, 1.25 crore Indian households gave away their subsidy which is a big number out of 25 crores households out of which only 2.5 crore households are in affluent or elite category.


In which Vivek Agnihotri asks left liberals: why so silent, why so selective, my learned friends?

Freedom of expression starts working in reverse mode when the public information, constructed and controlled by the liberals, becomes selective and agenda driven.


Sukma attack: Narrative of Maoist sympathisers has no takers, world must know about Naxal barbarism

CRPF jawans provide protection to the contractors' equipment, labourers and also ensure that IEDs on these roads are diffused so that the contractors can work smoothly.

US Election 2016

US presidential election 2016: What if America's destiny lies in disrupting the order?

Today, America has a date with its destiny. America has shown path to the world by practicing healthy democratic values of life. Somewhere democracy of the people became democracy of the state. A democracy of the insiders. A democracy of the elites. A democracy of the people who 'belong' vs the people who are 'left out'.


JNU row over Najeeb Ahmad is Naxal ploy to infiltrate campuses with Dalit-Muslim oppression narrative

As I scrolled through my Twitter notifications, a tweet blared, "#ShutDownJNU is the answer". I don’t agree. Shutting down an institution is never an answer. It’s an escape from a problem. ‘Make it great again’ is the answer. But is it possible?


Ban on Pakistani artists: Vivek Agnihotri on why you cannot separate art from politics

All of us talk at home, at work, in parties, on TV channels about terrorism and Pakistan, but then we move on with our lives


Vivek Agnihotri recounts his Jadavpur University ordeal: No room for the Right

Just imagine if this were done with the Leftist students — campuses and TV channels would have been flooded with the Barkha Dutts of the world raising questions about the Freedom of Expression under the Narendra Modi government