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Lok Sabha polls second phase: 66% voter turnout recorded despite EVM malfunctions and sporadic violence

The second phase of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections saw a total voter turnout of 66 percent.


Karnataka govt formation: Congress-JD(S) butting heads over portfolio distribution shows all isn't well in alliance

Meanwhile, the finance portfolio is the biggest bone of contention between Congress, JD(S)


Sterlite protest: AIADMK govt's indifference towards environmental concerns helped Opposition earn political mileage

The severity of the AIADMK govt's response to those protesting in TamilNadu's Tuticorin against the Sterlite plant, is surprising, especially given its potential to be taken advantage of by the TTV Dinakaran faction within the AIADMK


Anti-BJP leaders gather in Karnataka for Kumaraswamy's swearing-in: How long will this ragtag alliance last?

Only a few of the stars on show have major problems with the BJP, especially now that Hindutva, albeit a "soft Hindutva" is no longer a dirty word for many, including the Congress


Congress-JD(S) regime in Karnataka may be characterised by spats over portfolio allocation, focus on populism

It is bound to be a prickly government in Karnataka, given all the rhetoric the Congress and JD(S) directed at each other during the campaign.


BJP micro-manages Karnataka campaign to target specific caste groups, counter Siddaramaiah's AHINDA support

The BJP is micro-managing its campaign in Karnataka to target caste and community groups and outmanoeuvre the Congress.


Karnataka polls: As Rahul Gandhi skips Udupi's mutts, Narendra Modi, BJP eye success in 'Hindutva laboratory'

Consolidating the Hindu vote is a key part of the BJP's strategy in the state as a whole, especially so in coastal Karnataka, which is viewed as BJP's Hindutva laboratory, and where it seems to be succeeding.


Karnataka polls: Three-cornered contest involving Congress, BJP and JD(S) will depend on final line-up of candidates

The final line-up of candidates in Karnataka will become clear only after withdrawals on 27 April.


Karnataka Assembly Election 2018: BJP putting up a brave face, but not gaining the electoral traction it hoped for

The BJP is yet to unleash the Narendra Modi factor in Karnataka as it had done in Gujarat, however, there are indications that it may not happen.

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Particle physics seems to have ceded the glamour and excitement of new discoveries to astrophysics

Astrophysicists recently announced the discovery of an ancient collection of stars 9,700 light years away from Earth with an age of 13.2 billion years


Employment regulations: Full-time jobs will be a thing of the past; it's time to hail the one-man corporation

For today’s generation entering the job market, the only certainty is uncertainty. You have only your own wit, vision and resources to rely upon.