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Reading dystopian fiction during the coronavirus pandemic: Genre's prescience helps imagine a better future

Dystopian fiction issues warnings and predicts outcomes. It forces us to acknowledge that the evils of the world it depicts are systemic, that something new, something better rests upon the complete annihilation of the old world


Meet Prince charming Fawad Khan: Pak's rockstar and a Bollywood debutant

Here are selected excerpts of an interview with the man behind Rajkumar Vikram Rathore of Khoobsurat.


8 things Naseeruddin Shah's autobiography 'Then One Day' tells us about the man

Naseeruddin Shah's autobiography 'Then One Day' is a searingly honest read that gives a fascinating insight into his thought process.


Music Review: Badshah replaces Honey Singh but Khoobsurat's soundtrack is a mess

The Khoobsurat soundtrack sticks to the Bollywood music formula with terrible but predictable results.


Mardaani and Bollywood's misguided notions of feminism

Even campaigns that start with the noblest of intentions can't seem to escape the curse of apathy and misguided feminism.


Meet Pappu Lekhraj, the man who supplies actors for Salman Khan to beat up onscreen

Lekhraj’s job is to match a junior artist from his stable to the director’s requirements.


How many art films can you spot in The Viral Fever's spoof?

Here's a list of some of the 'touchstones of cinema' that are mocked by The Viral Fever gents in their new video. Did you spot some that we missed? Tell us in the comments.


Who is Fawad Khan, Sonam's hot co-star in 'Khoobsurat'?

The role of the Rajput prince has been played by Fawad Khan, a Pakistani actor and musician who makes his Bollywood debut with Khoobsurat.


The untold love story of Sahir Ludhianvi and Amrita Pritam

Pritam may not have had eternity with Ludhianvi, but decades later, despite forgetfulness curling the edges of their history, their love story remains.