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On Holi, here's a look at how Urdu poet Nazeer Banarasi wove the festival of colours into his verses

Nazeer Banarasi was one of the many Muslim Urdu poets from the 20th century who celebrated Indian festivals like Holi | #FirstCulture


Compulsory attendance at JNU: Students union and teachers association must shed their elitism

It is high time that rather than showing their elitist narrow pride in JNU culture, these students leaders try to form a pan-Indian public opinion against compulsory attendance


Remembering Jawaharlal Nehru: Urdu poets saw India's first prime minister as a Christ-like figure

Contrary to the belief among a few historians that Muslims held Nehru responsible for the Partition and the rioting that followed, a large number of Muslim Urdu poets expressed grief at his death. Almost all the prominent Urdu poets wrote poems praising Nehru and expressing grief at his passing. These poems examine Nehru through their eyes.


Najeeb row: JNUSU should have taken an impartial stand and not side with assaulters

In a letter signed by the president and one AISA councillor from the School of Languages alleged Najeeb Ahmed of violence while the assault on him was not mentioned.