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BJP’s fervent bid to confer Bharat Ratna on Savarkar shows party's strategy to embed RSS in Indian history

Adding Savarkar to the pantheon of national heroes with government sanction at this stage would be a permanent move that cannot be rescinded later — a level of state patronage that Savarkar never received except under colonial times.


BJP's bid to polarise populace, aided by silent and complicit media, has left Indian democracy in disarray

A closer look at the trajectory of Indian politics and society in the past five years shows us that much has indeed changed since the BJP came to power.


Kanhaiya Kumar and Co charged with sedition: Will the Indian media call out the farce of the JNU case this time?

The filing of charges against JNU student leader Kanhaiya Kumar, Umar Khalid, Anirban Bhattacharya and others has made the headlines across media outlets


Shashi Tharoor's flashy performance and idealistic prose at JNU can't mask glaring contradictions in his discourse

Several contradictions between speech and practice—regarding centrism, student politics, Hinduism, government policy and the NSUI—went largely unanswered in the polemics of Shashi Tharoor’s prose of idealism


Demolition of Lenin statue in Tripura was a show of power indicative of BJP's push towards saffronisation

While in other places, the dismantling of statues marked change already taken place, in Tripura, the act seems to have taken place to force a change.


From discrediting intellectuals to incompetent appointments: All the ways Narendra Modi regime has changed India

Over the past few weeks, we've been seeing a range of articles on how Indian polity and society have changed since the demolition of the Babri Masjid. The Ram Janmabhoomi movement (along with the India-China War of 1962 and the Emergency milieu) was a crucial turning point in the political fortunes of the Hindu right. It is, however, important to point out what all has changed in terms of polity, state policy and social responses in India since the Modi government first came to power in 2014.


Harvey Weinstein case shows how Hillary Clinton is feminism’s worst nightmare

Harvey Weinstein's proximity to Democratic Party elites shines a light on how Hillary Clinton has been counterproductive to the cause of feminism.


JNU Student Union elections: Left party candidate fears ABVP victory will usher in a fascist era at university

Saib Bilaval met with Geeta Kumari, JNU Students Union Presidential Candidate from the Left Unity Panel for an interview where they had discussions on wide-ranging topics, ahead of the Presidential debate.


JNUSU elections highlight widening gap between public opinion and political discourse on campus

This year's JNUSU elections, while marked by a lot of hype and news coverage, betray a stark lack of policy ideas and substantive debate among students.


Privatisation of education, prisons, infrastructure won't yield results; our public assets are not meant to be sold

Privatisation through disinvestment, subsidising private corporations in profit-making ventures, and economic planning to serve private interests are the hallmark of this government's policy.


Moradabad Massacre: How misleading narratives, biased research were used to discredit the Left

To portray the Left as having played a communal role in the aftermath of the violence at Moradabad would be a fallacy.


There is no such thing as a BJP moderate and short-sighted media must see that sooner than later

This article seeks to argue that the BJP has gotten down to business - at the home stretch of expanding and consolidating its base by communal, caste, and propaganda means, it seeks to implement its Hindutva-informed version of an ideal India. And the time for "moderate"-projection is long gone, as is it for reckless byte-sized speculation.


Finance bill in India, Donald Trump's budget: Legislatures of stealth and rise of the Right states

In the US, however, there are more, if not as many people opposing Trump and his party’s policies, and the media


JNU student's suicide note is still being written by others

On Holi, 13 March, students and teachers of Jawaharlal Nehru University were shocked and dismayed to hear of the suicide by hanging of a fellow student, Muthukrishnan Jeevanandham from MPhil History.


Demonetisation: Narendra Modi's crusade against black money is doing nothing of the sorts

Policy has two political aims: to give the semblance of crusading against black money while doing nothing of the sort, and to fill the coffers of public sector units and banks (rather than admit their starvation due to lakhs of crores of bad loans.


Hillary Clinton did not 'destroy' Donald Trump at presidential debate, sorry to burst the bubble

What we are seeing in the aftermath of the first Presidential Debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is a unanimous declaring by the media of Clinton as the clear winner of the debate.


Fissured ground after a flood: JNU Students Union election results and their implications

The Left Alliance of AISA-SFI won all the Central Panel seats in JNU. They out-organised (by far at the Councilor level) everybody else with sheer political machinery, hard campaigning and determination.


From Kanhaiya Kumar to Shehla Rashid Shora: What prominent JNUSU office-bearers are doing today

At look at some prominent JNUSU office bearers of the recent past and what they are doing today.


Jaws of oligarchy: How RSS Attacked Indira Gandhi for the same authoritarianism the Modi govt exhibits today

The Sangh learned much from the Indira Gandhi era about State repression and government propaganda – and incorporated it into its playbook.


Trump-Putin email hacking issue an attempt to cover up rigged Democratic primary

This is a case of Trump falling for the DNC spin about Putin’s role and then playing into the hands of the Democrats out of sheer stupidity, providing the establishment corporate media and top leaders the cover they need to avoid addressing the fact that Bernie Sanders won the Democratic primary, even as Sanders conceded the Democratic nomination.