articles by Nishtha Grover


Arvind Kejriwal's big Delhi roadshow gets lukewarm response

At its peak, the Kejriwal roadshow had only 250 people listening.


Delhi 2013: AAP ready to launch Jhaadu Chalao Yatra today

AAP will start a roadshow, and tap the routes which see more people.


The 25 'swing' constituencies that could decide Delhi polls

To understand this numbers game, it is also important to take a look at the main issues in these constituencies.


How will AAP solve Delhi's bijli-paani issues? No answers yet

Too soon to judge AAP's problem-solving skills, say experts.


Colony regularisation: Delhi Lokayukta slams Dikshit's 'poll gimmick'

In his last judgment before retiring, Delhi Lokayukta Justice Manmohan Sarin has ruled that regularisation of colonies in 2008 by the Delhi government was done for political mileage.


AAP is not just the youngest party, it has the youngest people

The young and educated joining the AAP bandwagon might or might not benefit the party but Delhi politics is certainly waking up to a new, younger game in town.


Why Arvind Kejriwal is sure of winning 47 seats in Delhi

As campaigning heats up, Arvind Kejriwal renews his claim for 47 seats with his characteristic frankness


AAP conspiring with Congress to cut BJP votes: former party candidate

Miffed over rejected candidature, Surendra Sharma alleges that AAP is colluding with Congress to defeat BJP while AAP maintains that it does not compromise on clean image.


Delhi's first time voters want Dikshit out, unsure between BJP and AAP

The youth may be one voting population that is easily steered, they come with no baggage and with fairly recent political ideologies, they want change and vote boldly. But will they really make their voice heard in the December polls?


Rajesh Bhatia's story: Why India's airports aren't truly international

India Gandhi International Airport's T3 terminal, is known for its swanky interiors and modern architecture, but when it comes to security personnel training at the airport, the standards are truly of the past.


How the AAP is filling a transparent war chest for the Delhi polls

The AAP hasn't managed to collect the money it needs to for the Delhi elections. However, the party's coffers are continuing to swell as the Delhi elections approach.


Political training: AAP candidates learn new tricks

As Aam Aadmi Party gears up for contesting maiden elections, 59 candidates (announced so far) are undergoing rigorous training which includes familiarising themselves with the AAP manifesto.