articles by Nash David


Amazon, data isn’t everything; consider emotions in order to humanise your business

At the outset, Amazon would need to consider customers as humans. There are no two ways about it.


Newsroom diaries 2016: Freedom 251, the story that made us question technology

We're glad today there's no mention of Freedom 251 and that India has finally moved beyond.


Demonetisation: The dilemma of cause and effect is hampering Indian technology brands

It’d be interesting to see how brands such as Xiaomi and OnePlus have performed since the days of demonetisation, especially considering that Indian brands such as Karbonn, Lava and Intex are going through a bad patch.


Softbank's Arora steps down: We love our heroes; but global business transcends personalities

When the government of India celebrated the Startup India initiative in January this year, Masayoshi Son and Nikesh Arora were among the special guests.


Net Neutrality and Trai: A principle-driven fight was won today but battle for connectivity continues

With its decision on net neutrality, Trai taught us a valuable lesson – principle holds merit. The million voices of average citizens can bring about change.


Thank you, PM Modi: India needs free access to the internet more than it needs Free Basics

It’s been encouraging to see TRAI stand up to Facebook while dealing with it on the issue of Free Basics. And with the PM’s office expressing its dissatisfaction, it’s a clear indication that the voice of citizens are being heard loud and clear.


Free Basics: No one has excelled in life by wasting time on Facebook

We’d rather prefer it if Facebook was upfront of the ‘need to help’ the unfortunate


Digital 'equality' not so equal: Is an aggressive Facebook turning Free Basics into a movement?

Wouldn’t it be impressive if users could access the internet through computers in their school? Aren’t there better things to do than to like a photo on Facebook?


Tech rewind: Times and technologies have moved on... And will continue to do so

If there’s anything we need to take from Moore's law, it is that technology is evolving at a far rapid pace. It is doubling its potential every two years.


Pichai at SRCC: From desi mithai in Android to the next Silicon Valley, Google has India covered

From Project Loon to Wi-FI at 400 railway stations and maybe even an Indian sweet as the next Android update, Google is focusing big on India


We welcome Sundar Pichai's interest in India, but there's much more that needs to be done

Over the four months that went by, PM Narendra Modi visited him in the Silicon Valley, in addition to Mark Zuckerberg and Satya Nadella at their respective headquarters. Now he's returning the courtesy by paying a visit to India.


Click. View. Match: Looking for real love in a virtual world

In the anonymity and the possibilities of connections, people manage to bare their soul to strangers; which, at times, blooms into lifelong associations.