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Goa's Museum of Christian Art aims to enhance visitor experience through redesigned interiors and learning tools

The ambitious upgradation project prepared and executed jointly by the museum and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (Portugal) included structural restoration of the building, a new interior museographic layout and conservation of art objects.


Top chef Mauro Colagreco of Mirazur fame dishes on India visit, culinary influences, and the food he loves 

Mauro Colagreco is sharp, curious, and loves to experiment. He travels the world searching for new ideas and is never afraid to incorporate other cultural influences.


Michelin star under her belt, chef Julia Komp is on a global quest to seek the extraordinary for her next culinary project

Julia Komp won her first Michelin star at the age of 28, within just six months of taking over as head chef at Schloss Loersfeld in Kerpen. This made Komp, in 2016, the youngest female chef in Germany to helm a Michelin-starred restaurant.


Heston Blumenthal on how he crafts his highly sought, unparalleled culinary experiences

When Heston Blumenthal talks about food and flavours, his words are evocative enough to make you feel as though you’re experiencing everything he’s describing.


Smoking food, an age-old technique, makes a comeback to kitchens as chefs aim for more complex flavours

Smoking food infuses it with an umami lift, resulting in the kind of complex flavour that chefs seek. However, they warn that it should not be overdone as a technique


Mahua's make-over: The spirit indigenous to central India is now bringing a 'happy high' to Goa

Desmond Nazareth's goal is to make mahua India’s national spirit. "After all, mahua is the only distilled spirit in the world to be made from naturally sweet flowers," he says


Chef Mike Bagale on ending stint at three-star Michelin eatery Alinea, travelling to finding new culinary inspiration

Chef Mike Bagale, who is known for creating edible balloons and abstract dessert paintings, was recently in India to set up a pop-up at Masque, Mumbai


Chef Floyd Cardoz on reinventing O Pedro's menu, and how visits to Goa influenced his culinary sense

When other children were busy playing, Chef Floyd Cardoz was learning to make omelettes and spot fresh produce at Goa's local markets | #FirstCulture


Chef Cyrus Todiwala on his only Indian restaurant, collaborating with hotels, and his love for eggs

Chef Cyrus Todiwala talks about his love for all things Indian and his vision for The River Restaurant, Goa | #FirstCulture


Ministry of Crab: Chef Dharshan Munidasa on Mumbai edition of restaurant, using local ingredients

Ministry of Crab is known for vibrant Sri Lankan dishes infused with the secrets of Japanese flavours | #FirstCulture


Christmas cuisine: From milk cream to duck curry, chefs share festive family recipes

We spoke with chefs across Christian communities in India, to reminisce over the the traditional Christmas specialties they grew up eating:


Hubba, chitanee, alu makallah: A guide to the cuisine of India's Jewish communities

The Jewish community in India has adapted their original cuisines to local ingredients and influences — while upholding kosher laws. The result: an entirely delicious confluence | #FirstCulture


How temple cuisine in India made its way from places of worship onto the menus of five-star hotels

Long the mainstay of offerings made to the deity, or served to the poor and needy at places of worship as part of community service, ‘temple cuisine’ is now dished up in the kitchens of leading hotels as well.


Rampuri cuisine may not be as popular as its Awadhi counterpart, but it's no less sumptuous

Rampuri cuisine has been nearly forgotten, although chefs are trying to stage its revival for a while now


Why Peruvian cuisine's finding favour with both Indian chefs, and diners

With its reliance on healthful ingredients and fusion of flavours,Peruvian cuisine has found favour with even jaded diners in Mumbai


Easter foods are delicious reminders of the significance of this spring festival

While food may signify only merriment and celebration on Easter after 40 days of Lent, in reality, each special item is eaten owing to some ancient traditions


10 best food and drink-related places you must not miss next year

New Year party planned? So the next best thing to think about is the culinary pleasures you must indulge in 2017. Restaurants, cafes, food pop-ups, culinary workshops, food trails. Clearly, food is on everyone’s mind in India, more than ever before, as innovative independents make their presence felt and the food scene gets diverse. That’s not all. Some food-related events are touted as must-attend and everyone’s gung-ho about checking these out. So what are the 10 best food and drink related things you must not miss next year in India? And fret not, in days of cash crunch, one can head to these with plastic currency, without actually having to use pink notes.


Meet Mariketty Grana, who brought authentic Greek cuisine to Goa with her eatery, Thalassa

After bringing authentic Greek cuisine to Goa with her restaurant Thalassa, Mariketty Grana now has her sights set on Mumbai