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'Daughters are a blessing, should've educated her': Migrant father of teen who cycled over 1,200 km to bring him home sees her in new light

Cycling single-handedly for over 1,200 kilometres along with her 45-year-old ailing father, 15-year-old Jyoti Kumari reached her Sirauli home in Bihar's Darbhanga after a week-long journey from Haryana's Gurugram last Saturday.


JNU violence: Four months on, police yet to take action, students still fearful and Right, Left continue blame game

A masked mob had attacked students and teachers in JNU on 5 January, but the Delhi Police has yet to take any action in the case


Coronavirus outbreak: Separated from children, meagre iftar and sehri; how Ramzan is celebrated in a Delhi quarantine facility

The holy month of Ramzan has been marred at this quarantine facility due to a lack of food during sehri and iftar, separation from children and not enough milk for kids.


Mustafabad youth, awaiting surgery for wounds sustained in police action during Delhi riots , summoned by cops for questioning; alleges mistreatment

On Wednesday, Mohammad Shamsuddin, a resident of Mustafabad, one of the many localities affected in the Delhi riots in February this year, got an unexpected call from the police. According to Shamsuddin, the police told his son to go to Dayalpur police station for inquiry and investigation into the Delhi riots.


After death of diabetic, patients at Delhi's Sultanpuri coronavirus quarantine centre lament lack of medicine, timely meals

On Wednesday, a 60-year-old diabetic patient, named Mohammed Mustafa, died at a coronavirus quarantine facility in New Delhi


Private hospital in Agra hid crucial information, caused spread of coronavirus, claim police; institution says it acted in 'humanitarian' manner

The Agra Police have registered a case against the management of the Shri Paras Hospital for concealing important information after a woman admitted there later tested positive for COVID-19.


Coronavirus Outbreak: 'No matter what it takes, I will walk the 500 km to Kanpur'; stories from the migrant exodus out of Delhi

While most of the country has stayed indoors, for the millions of undocumented workers in India’s informal economy, the lockdown has meant a long trudge home.


A 'halal' app for dirty fantasies: How 'Tinder for Muslims' is also feeding fetishes far removed from its original intent

Minder is described as an app for “awesome Muslims to meet each other” — basically, to find potential spouses. But there's a lot else going on on the "halal" app.


Media's use of imagery in reporting gender-based violence needs to change — and a feminist database has alternatives

Artists who responded to FII's open call for submissions have created imagery that encompasses a number of themes, including representation, empowerment, and solidarity. The emphasis is on images that show women as strong and resilient beings as opposed to stock photos that portray them as hapless victims.


Delhi violence aftermath: Muslims change their names, avoid Islamic greetings, do away with hijab to stay safe

While some Muslims in Delhi avoid saying Islamic greetings in public places, some have changed their name on Uber.


Delhi riots aftermath: Muslims lock up homes, flee to find shelter in other parts of city, country; many are rebuffed

Last Sunday, riots broke out in the northeast region of Delhi, beginning with clashes between anti- and pro-CAA protesters


Mustafabad man's genitals ripped apart in Delhi Police firing; family says 22-year-old was to wed in May

A 22-year-old man's scrotum and penis were ripped apart, and his anal region suffered severe injuries during police firing in Delhi's Mustafabad on Tuesday, doctors who treated him at Al Hind Hospital said


In aftermath of Delhi riots, overworked doctors, kindness of strangers at Al-Hind hospital set example for city admin

Al-Hind hospital, a small clinic with one ward and only fifteen beds, is open to the victims of riots in the Old Mustafabad region of northeast Delhi. Initially run as a small clinic, the hospital has now opened up another floor to accomodate victims.


'I was scared they would catch me for being a journalist, molest me for being a girl, lynch me for being a Muslim': First person account from Maujpur

When I reached Maujpur, one of the many areas in northeast Delhi affected by violence after groups of anti-and-pro-Citizenship Amendment Act protesters clashed among themselves, I saw several people scattered in different groups all over the area. I had been already cautioned by other journalists about heckling and harassment, so I did not dare take my phone out. I simply kept walking.


'Will take revenge wholeheartedly': Masked man attacks Dalit woman in UP's Mangta village week after Thakur mob assails Dalit families

This morning, a middle-aged woman from Mangta village in Kanpur Dehat was going to a farm to relieve herself when she was attacked by a masked man with a "poisonous powder" that caused her to pass out.


Kashmiri student says father, sister denied Oyo room based on identity; hotel claims orders from Delhi Police, cops deny it

Delhi University student Nauman Rafiq took his father and sister, who'd come all the way from Jammu and Kashmir to visit, to Asha Residency, an Oyo registered four-star hotel in Vijay Nagar near North Campus. But to his dismay, the hotel refused to allow them to stay


Exclusive: We worked on finding solutions to problems of Delhi, no point focusing on Left and Right, says Atishi on AAP's election victory

AAP leader Atishi, who won the Kalkaji Assembly constituency in the recently concluded Delhi election, speaks to Firstpost about running a development-based campaigned amid the divisive and polarised politics over Shaheen Bagh


In Jamia students' anti-CAA protests are echoes of the university's challenge to British occupation of India

A century ago, Jamia Millia Islamia was founded as an act of resistance against the British occupation of India. As part of his Non-Cooperation Movement, Mahatma Gandhi had called for the boycott of all educational institutions supported or run by the colonial regime.


'It's not the pain, but how far the State will go to target us': Jamia students recount treatment at the hands of Delhi Police on 10 Feb

Describing police brutality meted out to them during the 10 February protests, Jamia students accused the Delhi Police of assaulting girls and hitting them on their chest and stomach with lathis. Some students also accused the police of kicking them on their private parts with their boots on, punching them and even forcibly removing their hijabs.