articles by Gunja Kapoor


Opposition's support to farmers' protest flies in the face of having previously backed similar reforms

There are several examples where those who promised 'freedom' to farmers earlier are today protesting against the new farm laws


Is the world coming around to an 'India model' of handling COVID-19?

Various countries have handled the outbreak of coronavirus in their own different ways


Recent spate of nationwide protests underline impact of citizens' ideological assertion on Indian policy

Against the backdrop of violence in JNU and ideological fault lines running deeper than any other social cleavage, we need to take cognisance of a significant trend that has emerged in the past few years; ie ideological assertion by citizens and its impact on various fields including economy, foreign policy, education, defence


Lok Sabha election 2019: Tracking social media for Model Code of Conduct violations will be a mammoth task

Following the landslide victory registered by the BJP in 2014, other political parties too saw merit in social media.


Don't judge demonetisation to soon: From grocery to high-value purchases, note ban has given a leg-up to digital money

Demonetisation has provided a necessary nudge to affect a behavioural change in society in the way cash is being used


Lateral recruitment to senior govt posts will show bureaucrats they are not irreplaceable, can't ride exam success forever

As someone who has worked in the private sector for more than five years, I was elated reading the notification regarding 'Lateral Recruitment to Senior Positions in Government of India'


Narendra Modi's visit to Sita's birthplace in Nepal an exercise for BJP to shed charges of misogyny, patriarchy

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a direct bus service between Janakpur and Ayodhya, he has once again revisited both, Ayodhya and his election manifesto.