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Coronavirus crisis underscores urgency of bridging divide between India's digital haves and have-nots

36 percent of Indians have internet access out of which only a third are women. This is not a digital divide anymore; this is a digital ditch.


Mumbai IAS officer transferred after tweet on Mahatma Gandhi: Media's cynical outrage cycles, politicians' biases fanned controversy

Nidhi Choudhari had tweeted this sarcastically the day after Sadhvi Pragya called Mahatma Gandhi's assassin Nathuram Godse a "desh bhakt". Unfortunately for Choudhari, many on Twitter didn’t get the irony of her tweet and condemned her for such ‘venomous’ thoughts about the Father of the Nation.


20 questions for SC panel that cleared CJI of sexual harassment charges: Why the bias, rush to decide and secrecy?

The Supreme Court in-house committee’s judgment in the CJI sexual harassment case and the authorities’ behaviour has thrown up several troubling questions.


SC panel's handling of sexual harassment charges against CJI Ranjan Gogoi shows why women suffer in silence

The woman who accused Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi of sexual harassment has withdrawn from the Supreme Court's inquiry into the matter. At least that's what most media will have you believe.


CJI sexual harassment case: Coddling of Utsav Bains, treatment of Ranjan Gogoi's accuser reveal structural sexism

The contrast between the two hearings can’t have been starker and offers a startling view into the structural sexism at play here, and the absurd differences in how both parties are being treated in the highest court of the land.

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Katie Bouman trolls show how dedicated women scientists don't get their due

A black hole from millions of light-years away can now be imaged, but women continue to be given less than their due.