articles by Devyani Nighoskar


An orchard in the hills: At Himachal's Thanedhar Estate, lessons in apple picking and history

Himachal's Thanedar village has been pivotal to apple cultivation in India; a century ago, an American missionary set up an orchard, apart from effecting other significant social changes. Now, the house in the orchard invites tourists to learn about apple production and soak in the history of its legacy


How Meerut's Kali Paltan Mandir, launchpad for the Sepoy Mutiny, is a beacon of the city's rebellious spirit

The Augarnath temple, locally known as the 'Kali Paltan Mandir', has an interesting story behind its name. During British rule, the Indian soldiers in the regiment were called the ‘Kali Platoon’ (black army). Since the temple was located close to the soldiers’ quarters, it came to be called as the ‘Kali Paltan Mandir’, which eventually went on to become a launchpad for the Great Revolution of 1857.


Kainchi Bazaar: Meerut's scissor industry faces a slow death amid low profit margins, competition

Kainchi Bazaar, a 350-year-old industry which houses close to 600 units and employs approximately 70,000 craftsmen, was once the pride of Meerut. Since the profit made by businesses is negligible, the newest generation is not being encouraged to take up the profession


Dharavi's Kala Qilla, weathered by time and negligence, lives on due to local community's effort

Though cracks have developed in its walls, Dharavi's Kala Qilla stands tall because of the local people's resolve to keep it clean and ensure it is not encroached upon. Many of them have fond memories of the fort, and legends about ghosts that haunt it and hidden tunnels exist too


Swachh Bharat Abhiyan gives impetus to BMC's solid waste management efforts; Mumbaikars laud scheme

The size, diversity, and burgeoning population of Mumbai together present their own challenges in implementing waste-to-energy initiatives.


Ragpickers at Mumbai's Deonar, despite being 'unsung heroes of sustainability', battle garbage mafia and state apathy

At the Deonar dumping ground, it is easy to find many children who grow up in the garbage — the unregulated industry of child ragpickers is on the rise.


Demonetisation has left unorganised sector in UP's Saharanpur traumatised but local BJP leaders are in denial

The worst affected by demonetisation was, perhaps, the unorganised sector, which is still trying to grapple with its consequences.


In Saharanpur, art of woodwork thrives as artisans embrace international designs, digital business methods

Saharanpur's Khata Kheri is home to several artisans whose products are sold in India and abroad. They have married tradition with modern business methods such as offering their services online