articles by Caroline D'Almeida


#TheWeekThatWas | Parliament's Monsoon Session: What the FCRA and ECA Amendment Bills mean for India

In what is being projected as a productive Monsoon session in Parliament, around 25 bills were passed in the absence of the Opposition.


#TheWeekThatWas | Weed in Indian Culture

With actor Rhea Chakraborty's arrest over 'procuring' weed for late actor Sushant Singh Rajput, the conversation has been hyped by overzealous media houses in a quest for skyrocketing TRPs.


Badshah's just the tip of the fake followers iceberg

If you think about it, it's rather unfair that Badshah is the only one singled out for purchasing fake followers on social media (albeit a rather large number).


'The whole world loves metal, they just don’t know it yet': In conversation with Bloodywood

Bloodywood is what you get when you put Punjabi folk music and sick beats together.


From Metalhate to Metalhead, Bloodywood Style

For the uninitiated, what makes metal music, and more importantly - who is Bloodywood?


COVID-19 Lockdown: Laid off and stranded without help, Indians living in Malaysia fear worse days ahead, plead New Delhi to take them back

Indians living under COVID-19 lockdown in Malaysia have formed two WhatsApp groups to create a network of informed kinship; hunger is a rampant issue, and most are struggling to find a way to pay the next month’s rent