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Jagmohan Dalmiya: The man Indian cricket needed to cut England, Australia down to size

Jagmohan Dalmiya was many things and let it be clear, not all of them can be classified in black and white.


At this level, you can't afford to blink: Badminton World No. 3 Kidambi Srikanth

If you lose your focus, it won't matter if you have all the strokes in the world says Indian badminton star Kidambi Srikanth


The 'okay player' who is badminton world No 12: Prannoy is a star who wasn't meant to be

"I didn't believe in myself. I still don't," said Prannoy. "At times, it is really bad because sometimes I am just not sure of what I want to do next."

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No matter the HC verdict S Sreesanth, like Jadeja, will remain tainted in public eye

It may be an unfair accusation but it is upto the BCCI to prove us wrong. That is how the battle against perception runs.


Anatomy of a hockey disaster: Paul Van Ass saga proves Batra is as bad as Gill

Van Ass miraculously survived for 126 days -- the hockey equivalent of instant coffee.


The question on everyone's mind: Will Dhoni leave CSK?

Chennai means a lot of things to a lot of people. But to Dhoni, it is his home away from home. A place he calls his own. And for that reason alone, the CSK fans will hope he stays.

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IPL verdict: Lodha committee's common sense and logic trump BCCI's blinding greed

Justice Lodha, while reading out the verdict, mentioned time and again that the owners failed to take 'urgent' action even when they knew that something wrong was happening.


Dear Nadal and Federer fans, the Djokovic era is upon us

The crowd cheered that bit louder for Federer, egged him on that little bit more, wanted him to win that much more. But Djokovic, somehow, found a way to shut all that down and focus on the match at hand.

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Humbled in Bangladesh: The big questions Dhoni and Team India must answer

In fact, his apparent lack of a struggle is... a little disappointing and that is what raises the real questions.

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In Rahul Dravid, young Indian cricketers will discover the perfect storyteller

Coaching, at a certain level, is about showing a player a side that he didn't know existed and for the moment, that is all Dravid has on his mind. He wants to use his experience to set players on the right path.


French Open: The infinite sadness of watching Nadal lose at Roland Garros

"I'm gonna fight. I lost in 2009 and that was not the end. I lost in 2015 and this is not the end," Nadal said after the loss.

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The ICC has lost its mind and Tendulkar should tell it to bugger off

Whether the preaching is being done by the ICC or by someone else shouldn't even matter as long as more fans are converted to cricket's cause.

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Rohit's success as MI skipper gives India an alternative to Kohli

"You can see the growth in Rohit Sharma especially in the last part of the tournament where he has had to take some tough decisions," Ricky Ponting said.


#NikammiModiSarkar, #GappuInIndia, #ModiInsultsIndia: Twitter comes a full circle for Modi

In the social media cat-and-mouse game, Modi and his army have long been the fat cats.

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BCCI's quest for new coach: India doesn't need the best, it needs the subservient

The BCCI in all its wisdom believes that it is the most powerful organisation in the game and if anyone wants to work for them, then they have to approach them on bended knee.

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Is Myntra's app-only approach the wave of the future?

Myntra, the country’s largest fashion retail portal, closed down its website on Friday and moved to a app-only platform. Its parent company, Flipkart, plans to follow suit within a year -- the move will probably depend on how successful Myntra is but for now, it is in the works.


Bhai is so nice! Behold the charitable genius of Salman Khan

As Jack London once wrote, “A bone to the dog is not charity. Charity is the bone shared with the dog, when you are just as hungry as the dog.” One day, we hope Salman gets that too.


Interview: Sania Mirza and the challenges of making a dream come true

There is a 11-month season, there are injuries, there are heartbreaks, there are defeats but then there are also moments that banish all that hurt in one go. And in April 2015, Sania Mirza experienced one of those moments when she became the first female tennis player from India to achieve the world number one rank in doubles.


Pacquiao vs Mayweather was mostly about the money, boxing was an after-thought

On an average, Pacquiao throws around 700 punches a bout. But against Mayweather -- his count at the end of 12 rounds stood at just 429.