articles by Arihant Pawariya


BJP must counter Rahul's charges of 'divisive politics' by dismantling partisan UPA-era policies

The BJP must provide the country with an alternative idea of India. It should be fighting against the ‘divisive policies’ of the UPA government which are still in place.


Ryan International murder case and NEET troubles show education sector requires urgent overhaul

The murder of a seven-year old-student in Gurugram’s Ryan International School has forced the country’s parents to wake up and take note of how vulnerable their wards are, even on school property.


BJP's own Mandal moment: Sub-categorisation of OBCs will deal a fatal blow to caste-driven Opposition parties

The Union govt will set up a Commission under article 340 of the Constitution, to examine the issue of sub-categorisation of the OBCs.


Proposed NCSEBC is a toothless body for backward classes, designed to help Centre reap political benefits

If the Centre manages to pass NCSEBC through Parliament, it will kill many politically inconvenient birds with one stone. Mutinees over reservations, which hurt BJP's prospects in crucial states, may become a thing of past


The quota system Jats are fighting for will hurt them the most, reduce job opportunities

Who is benefiting from these Jat quota protests? Surely, it’s not the community.


Decoding China's 'secret' plan to supplant United States as the most powerful country by 2050

China is running a hundred-year marathon. It has an unwritten, unofficial plan to supplant the United States as the world's most powerful nation by 2050.