articles by Ankush Arora


Natvar Bhavsar wants to paint for 1,000 years: 'People are always trying to tell a story... I have taken it out of art completely'

Natvar Bhavsar’s paintings do not reflect our immediate realities or matters of the physical world, as we know it. And yet, viewing his paintings, despite the lack of representational forms, is an intense visual experience.


Remembering Zarina Hashmi: Simplicity and meditativeness of artist's minimalist style are timeless

Zarina Hashmi's personal life, in which themes of home, displacement, belongingness and exile were paramount, shaped her art practice as well.


Coronavirus Outbreak: Kiran Nadar paints gloomy forecast for India's art market, predicts possible drop in prices

Kiran Nadar says that a range of concerns face museums and players in the art world, including tighter liquidity, falling prices of artworks, and the slim chances of visitors returning to museums and galleries, even after the lockdown is over


Coronavirus Outbreak: Art world braces for pandemic's impact with online initiatives, social media outreach

From online viewing rooms to virtual gallery tours and clever social media campaigns such as #museumfromhome, the art market is leaving no stone unturned to offset the potential fallout of the coronavirus pandemic.


Visual artist Sahil Naik on appropriation of architecture, and why the 'doing over' of what exists has his interest

Sahil Naik's exhibition speaks against the trampling of alternate discourses in a saffronised landscape — a phenomenon that has affected architecture as well.


Erin Gleeson's new exhibition reflects on the synergy between Cambodia's turbulent history and its art

'Out of Line', an exhibition curated in New Delhi by Phnom Pehn-based Erin Gleeson, explores a nation's obsession with artists of 'national' repute. It closely examines its relevance in Cambodia, a country with a history of war, violence, and suppression of the arts.


Mumbai exhibition showcases Akbar Padamsee's legacy of contradictions, celebrating 'inherent duality of life'

In particular, Akbar Padamsee’s mystifying oils, water-colours and drawings reflect his mastery over so many aspects of the composition, such as form, space, and colour. Often, his unique pictoriality blurred the lines between abstraction and figuration, leaving many things unsaid.


Economics of India's arts sector may take longer to improve than envisioned: CII taskforce's Tarana Sawhney

India's return to the Venice Biennale, in the form of a Gandhi-themed pavilion exhibition, has put the spotlight on the CII's Taskforce on Art and Culture.


Delhi's Jamia Nagar has long been perceived as a 'Muslim ghetto' — a label new art initiatives are interrogating

Tucked away in a congested south Delhi neighbourhood, Gallery Magenta in Jamia Nagar is anything but a typical big city art space. It does not host elaborate opening previews, where wine and finger food are generously served.


Phenomenal Nature: Mrinalini Mukherjee's Met retrospective showcases the artist's wild, free-flowing sculptures

Mounted inside New York’s The Met Breuer, Mrinalini Mukherjee's first retrospective in the United States is somewhat reminiscent of the ‘exotic’ tag that her work has often been categorised into.


From conflict-ridden North East, eight artists re-imagine borders in subtle, ironic ways in a new exhibition

A-Part: Stories of Lands and Lines, an exhibition of works by North Eastern artists, examines the regions many conflicts and fraught relationship with borders, often interpreting borderlines in the literal sense


Beyond the line: 30 years on, Nasreen Mohamedi's work continues to mystify with its minimalistic, sensory approach

The exhibition at Mumbai’s Chatterjee & Lal gallery traces Nasreen Mohamedi’s shift towards a sparse form of abstraction, which coincided with her struggle with a fatal illness.


An artist’s response to Sabarimala

Piyali Sadhukhan extends on her past work – on gender and the violence directed at it