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Dongri Danger review: Sumaira Shaikh's comedy special blends familiarity into dark humour with finesse

While her humour isn’t extraordinary or in a realm of myth, it’s familiar, friendly, and dangerously dark without being insensitive


How Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory helped me add structure and meaning to my relationship with food

My eating habits have always been confused, influenced sometimes by cravings and other times by what’s available at home. So it was a refreshing change to see Sheldon plan every meal with absolute precision.


From Ranjha in Shershaah to Ambarsariya in Fukre, poetry under the cloak of the new slow Bollywood melody

If today, Bollywood music is looked down upon, it’s a reflection of how we’re not focusing on being good listeners, since intensity and poetry can both be found in droves in a lot of today’s popular music.


Album review: David Bowie's Toy reflects his vocal range and prowess as a musician

It’s a rejigging of old songs to fresh, modern beats, but not a study in experimentation like only David Bowie can deliver.

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World Suicide Prevention Day: Author Nandini Murali on discourse around suicide in the country

In her book Left Behind: Surviving Suicide Loss, Nandini Murali discusses the 4 S’s surrounding suicide: stigma, shame, secrecy, and silence.


Online exhibition archives oral histories of the Kolis, degradation of Mumbai's coastal ecology

The online exhibition Through the Eyes of the Kolis uses their photos to highlights how Mumbai's ecology has been disturbed and how the fishermen community are adapting.

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Of The Lotus & The Thunderbolt: Metal act Midhaven on the concept, composition of their new album

This notion of time being infinite and circular, of everything repeating itself, is the core concept around which the metallers have built their latest album Of The Lotus & The Thunderbolt, using music to explore their curiosity.


In The Good Place on Netflix, a life full of contradictions and search for an afterlife well earned

The Good Place concerns itself with the philosophical query of what it means to be a good person vis a vis the setting of the afterlife.

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Bildungsroman (& Other Stories) | Areez Katki on first solo show, and using art to explore notions of home, identity

These cloths, besides being a family archive, are also symbols of togetherness and familiarity within the Parsi community, appealing to the two strands that lent themselves to the exhibit’s name.


Schmigadoon! review: Apple TV+ miniseries is a lighthearted watch that honours and parodies musicals

Though bumpy at times, Schmigadoon! is a feel-good comedy and a hat-tip to musicals, worth a slow-Sunday watch.

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Green Humour cartoonist Rohan Chakravarty on making science accessible, need for a govt that listens

Select cartoons across his career as a cartoonist are collected in his upcoming book Green Humour for a Greying Planet, out this month.


Anxiety, depression, isolation: 50 Indians on biggest mental health challenges they've faced amid COVID-19 crisis

Firstpost heard from 50 individuals about what their mental health struggles had been like in the year of a pandemic, self-isolation and lockdowns.

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How development and climate change are impacting lifestyles, cultural diversity: Five films that tell the story

As the climate movement demands awareness, several filmmakers have turned to narrative documentaries to tell these stories, following an individual or community through their journey of tackling the climate crisis.