articles by Aaquib Khan


Sri Lanka struggles with north-south divide 9 years after end of civil war

As the South struggles with debt, and the North with the effects of the three-decade-long civil war, reconciliation seems a long way off for Sri Lanka


A video game glorifies Bangladesh's Liberation War: But is that all it does?

A video game series — Heroes of 71, and its sequels — based on Bangladesh's war of liberation, has proven to be very popular with the young generation, highlighting patriotic sentiments and the historic past. But is there another side to the story?


Destitute Rohingya refugees turn to drug trade; fuel influx of illegal substances into Bangladesh

On a messy bed in a hut within the Kutupalong refugee camp, Cox’s Bazar, sits Munira, 30, with her two children. Munira is a Rohingya refugee; she has also acted as a drug carrier on three different occasions over the past few months.