Top razors for men ensure a smooth and clean shave

FP Studio July 21, 2020 03:31:18 IST
Top razors for men ensure a smooth and clean shave

A complete razor
The blades of this razor are thinner and sharper than the ones available in disposable razors. These blades ensure a closer shave in one stroke. The three blades are spring mounted to adjust different levels of shaving pressure. The handle of this razor provides a secure grip even in wet conditions. It has a lubricant strip that is enriched with aloe vera. It also has a long-last comfort gel bar for ultimate glide. We recommend this product because this is a heritage brand and best in its class.

Easy to handle
If you are looking for a cost effective razor then this should be your pick. You do not have to throw this razor after using it once or twice, all you need to do is to buy the blades. It has a safety bar that tightens the skin just before the blade cuts through the hair. This ensures a smoother, flatter shaving surface for the razor and thereby reduces the risk of cuts to the skin. This heavy brass metal razor has a traditional look and is one of the best safety shaving devices for beginners. This razor is easy to handle and reaches all the angles. Perfect choice for those who want to get a durable razor.

For a perfect shave
There is a Vitamin E strip in this razor that reduces skin irritation. The handle of the razor has been designed ergonomically for comfort and control. The three anti-drag blades with ceramic coating give a close, super smooth shave. You should not fret much about cleaning this razor and it has flow-thru blades for a quick rinse. This is ideal if you want to buy an affordable razor.

Razor for sensitive skin

This razor has an anti clog cartridge and gives you exceptional shaving experience. It has 5 blade cartridges, more than the usual 3 blade cartridges. The cartridges have a double coated edge that gives you a really close shave and leaves no hair on your face. It is available with a precision trimmer blade that makes it a perfect tool for shaping goatee, sideburns and stubborn hair under the nose. If you want a razor with an amazing grip, buy this product.

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