Top quality Nunchuks for your karate classes

FP Studio May 26, 2020 12:21:06 IST
Top quality Nunchuks for your karate classes

A two in one weapon for defence

This one is for the winners. The quality of material used in these nunchucks might be the best that we have seen. The Klapp NNC Steel Nunchucks are a bit on the heavier side, but it is also because they are made out of quality steel, which also means this product is very durable. The level of sophistication in this product makes it good for professional use as well. The best part is you can join the two ends and make this into a fighting stick/staff. So you get added advantages due to the versatility of this weapon. If you are into self defence and are looking to master martial arts, this should be your go-to choice!

It might look flimsy, but packs a punch

This nunchaku is not a looker but it gets the job done for beginners. It is perfect for training because it is so light. Your arms don't get tired and you can perfect your technique for hours without any strain. The foam makes sure that it is very safe to use. It won't cause any damage to the body as you train. It's perfect for the novice who is just starting to figure out how a nunchaku works. This SVR Nunchaku also has a short cord that provides more stability and reduces danger when you practice with it.

Hone your skills with this professional pair

If you are someone who likes to train hard and regularly, this is the perfect pair of nunchucks for you. It has a good chrome finish with excellent details. It is perfect and reliable with no rust, no loose connections, and is trustworthy when you handle it. That said, this nunchaku is a hard hitter, and you need a lot of practice and dedication to master this. Keep this away from kids as a couple of careless swipes may seriously injure people around. You can adjust the length of the if you find it too long. All in all, this is a serious buy so no kidding around this one!

A little safer, but just as effective for training

When you start off using a nunchaku, you want to make sure you are careful with it but at the same time, you want to feel tough. The SMT Nanchaku Wooden Golden Handle ensures you feel fine on both counts. This is the best Nunchaku for Beginners. The chain mechanism is of excellent quality and the sound it makes when it whooshes is just like what we have heard in Bruce Lee movies. The nunchak is made of wood but it is light, and the handle has a glossy finish with excellent grip. Regular practice with this improves the body's flexibility, coordination and agility.

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