The best protective gear for all the karate enthusiasts

FP Studio June 30, 2020 00:00:56 IST
The best protective gear for all the karate enthusiasts

Never Flinch

A World Karate Federation approved product, the SMAI Karate Safety Kit is the complete package. The hand gloves are made of specially molded vinyl covered foam which ensures effective protection, whether you are punching a bag or dummy. It features elastic finger loops and velcro wrist wraps. The shin guards are made out of high density foam with additional padding (shinbone and instep) for enhanced shock absorption. Shin guards are especially important because a good kick to the shin can leave you down and out. The moisture absorbing technology in the guards keeps you cool and dry. The foot 360 serves protection, and the protruding design provides more protection. The head protectors are made by Last Punch so you know you are getting the most bang for your buck. The chest guard is mainly for your coach or for yourself when you are taking punches and kicks.

Keep Your Guard Up

This is your starter pack for karate. A safety kit is very necessary while attacking or taking hits in a fight when you are practicing. The ARFA Unisex PU Leather Aaina Craft Combo of Karate Safety Kit is built with complete knowledge of the kind of protection a human body needs. PU leather and layers of cushion gives comfort and jerk free movements for long practices. This kit packs in all the essentials, when it comes to safety equipment. Comprising a safety helmet that is reinforced with foam, it protects you from those nasty head punches. The gloves are good for punching, without damaging your knuckles. The shin guards are the most important part of any martial arts kit as they protect you from hard knocks. With the ARFA Unisex Karate Safety Kit on, you are assured to remain unscathed and unfazed.

Armed For The Fight

It’s time to step up the fight, with the Be Win Kai Approved Karate Safety Kit. This kit includes gloves, shin guards, a foot protector, head guard and chest guard. Not only is each component designed for rock solid protection, they are also designed keeping ergonomic requirements in mind. Like the hand gloves, which feature elastic finger loops and velcro wrist wrap, to keep your movements unhindered and allow for perfect transmission of force. Similarly, the shin guard too is a model of comfort, packed with high density foam that will keep the wearer cool and dry. The Head Guard, made by Last Punch, means the strongest piece of your protective equipment is dedicated to protecting the most fragile part of the body. The chest guard completes this impenetrable suit of armour, that will help combatants relinquish opponents without suffering a scratch.

Hit And Run

The IWIN Approved Karate Safety Kits is a colourful way to stay protected through your sparring sessions. Available in colour choices of red and blue, this safety kit provides all round protection, without impeding body movements. All the components of the safety kit are built with high quality PU material, that is renowned for its shock absorption qualities. Furthermore, the size options available on the IWIN Approved Karate Safety Kit means you will never be at a loss to find equipment that fits you best.

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