From acne prone to oily skin, here are the best face washes for every skin type

FP Studio June 08, 2020 22:10:29 IST
From acne prone to oily skin, here are the best face washes for every skin type

Therapeutic treatment to balance excess oil buildup

The natural purifying ingredients of Neem and Tea Tree work to clear out the skin of excess sebum, bacteria and impurities that are present not just on the surface of your skin but inside your pores, too. Extracts of rose petal perfectly balanced with the other essential oils in this face wash transforms it from just a great face wash to an excellent oil control treatment. What’s more, through its effective oil control system and the anti bacterial properties of the natural ingredients in this facial cleanser, it targets acne, pimples and even those stubborn blackheads. So this face wash is definitely not one to be missed!

Fade away your tan and sun damage for a new glow

This facial wash packs a powerful double punch with the natural extracts of Saffron and Turmeric to lighten skin tone and repair damage from free radicals. Clear up sun damage with the miracle properties of liquorice and turmeric while walnut beads work to gently reveal your skin’s natural glow. The bio actives in this face are all carefully formulated to give you the best skin brightening treatment for an even skin tone and glow. And don’t worry about harmful chemicals, this face wash is free of SLS, parabens and is certified toxin free. We promise you’ll thank us for this one!

Keep acne away the natural way

If you have skin that’s highly prone to acne breakouts, you don’t want your facial cleanser to worsen the situation; this soap free herbal formula is a simple solution to dealing with your acne problems. Not to mention the long term anti acne breakout benefits as the natural extracts of neem penetrate the pores to tackle bacteria at the root. The benefits of Turmeric are many but used together with Neem; the combination of antibacterial and antifungal effects clear up impurities, prevent acne leaving you with soft and clear skin. This is now the go-to for anyone with an acne-prone complexion!

Brush your way to brighter and fresh skin

What puts this face wash at the top of all other exfoliating cleansers is the culmination of technology and skin reviving formulation that uses active natural ingredients. Utilizing a built in brush with soft silicon bristles allows you to effectively remove dead skin cells and impurities; purify pores and boost blood circulation. And this is just tip of what this face wash provides. Loaded with active Vitamin C, Mulberry, Liquorice and lemon essential oils, this is a potent formulation that fades age spots, evens out your skin tone, lightens dark spots to improve your skin’s texture and brighten appearance. Is there anything more that needs to be said about this skin brightening face wash?

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