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Feb 23, 2012

Move over iTunes! Games are the new place for hit music

Anecdotal and journalistic evidence suggests that the placement of popular music in big-name video games can have dramatic effects on digital sales. #Electronic Arts #Entertainment/Culture #TechBuzz #Video game music

Jan 31, 2012

Why gaming in the classroom may soon be the norm

We introduce you to a nifty little buzzword called ‘gamification’; the use of game design techniques like points, high scores and achievement badges to make learning more engaging and effective. #Codecademy #Khan Academy #TechBuzz #Technology/Internet #William Gibson

Jan 19, 2012

When politics and gaming tangle

Video games are not machine-like simulations. They're works, created by people and companies that embed them with elements of their worldview (as we shall see)..and it's important for us to unpack that. #CultureDecoder #Sim City #Video Games

Jan 13, 2012

Could a small video-game’s grand success be an economics lesson?

In January 2011, the founder and ‘grand poobah’ of a small indie game studio called Carpe Fulgur LLC announced on his blog that they’d sold 100,000 copies of their first title, making it a rather unusual hit in the video-game business. #Carpe Fulgur LLC #HowThisWorks #online video games #Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale