New Zealand mosque shootings: Donald Trump conveys warmest sympathy after being slammed for 'lack of condolences'

  • Donald Trump was raked across the coals on social media

  • The US president deleted the previous tweet

  • The gunman said he was a supporter of Trump's policies

After Donald Trump was raked across the coals on social media for simply tweeting out a link to the homepage of Breitbart, a conservative, "far-right" American news platform after the twin shootings in New Zealand, the US president deleted the tweet and instead put out a statement on the social media platform conveying his "warmest sympathy and best wishes to the people of New Zealand".

Information about only one of the apprehended suspects has filtered through, who also reportedly live-streamed the dastardly attack and uploaded a 'manifesto' of sorts revealing details about himself. One of the gunmen believed to be responsible for the attack had expressed admiration for Trump in the 73-page manifesto.

In a document detailing his intentions behind the attack, the gunman said that he was a supporter of Trump's policies. He also said that he was inspired by Candace Owens, who is an American conservative commentator. Journalists, activists and the general public from all over the world have condemned Trump's tweet, which is "bereft of condolence"

Updated Date: Mar 15, 2019 17:40:38 IST