Butterflies on Mars? Or is it snake or lizard? No, it's just spacecraft debris, says NASA

UFO expert says that the cocoon on Mars is proof that there is life on Mars because the butterfly flew away.

I deem that alien life conspiracy theories should not be limited to only bipeds but should even include winged, furry or slithery creatures. But none of the scary variety, more like adorable, sweet or cute animals and birds.

In a space blog, UFO expert (you read right, that’s an actual title) Scott C Waring stated that he had found the skin of an insect or animal on Mars.

His almost 200-word blog post and video on the ET Data Base explicitly states what he thinks it could be – a butterfly cocoon.  This happened last night and I do wonder why the entire internet did not jump up in joy, I mean he did find an alien species (supposedly) on Mars.

The butterfly cocoon found on Mars. Image credit: NASA

The butterfly cocoon found on Mars. Image credit: NASA

That’s celebration-worthy and enough to get the entirety of the Twitter's metaphorically tongues wagging and fingers typing. I mean, aliens are a much-loved subject with the people of Earth. The Area 51 raid where thousands of people gathered together to release the aliens and Naruto run across a US military field should jog your memory enough.

He then got NASA involved in his speculation when he hypothesised that the US space agency might have taken some butterfly cocoons to Mars on its rover to check “how they hatch and fly away...and how long they live.”

Now the questions that beg to be asked is, how could NASA not tell us? Why didn’t they let us in on their secret experiment? They are fairly transparent about the stuff they take into space, what with all those long press releases that mention all the details, and yet, we never heard of any butterfly carrying spacecraft?

Cacoon-less butterflies, on Earth, snacking on some leaves. Image credit: Wikipedia

Cacoon-less butterflies, on Earth, snacking on some leaves. Image credit: Wikipedia

How could they do this to me? Yes, I am personally offended with NASA’s little secret. Unlike a certain space agency that I will not mention that recently caused public outrage after they kept the location of a certain instrument a secret, NASA is not like that. (Pressing pause on my outrage).

Waring did not stop at just the butterfly cocoon theory. No, no, he had more theories of other possible animals, reptiles to be specific, that could probably be living on Mars right now. He thinks that the thing he found could be the skin of a snake or lizard. He also questioned whether NASA is telling us the truth about the oxygen levels on Mars. Which, if they aren’t being truthful, could mean that there is life on Mars and it is possible to survive on it.

Now Waring’s entire hypothesis is based on an image from 2012 captured by the Mars Hand Lens Imager (MAHLI) camera on the Curiosity rover on the 65th Martian day or Sol 65.

NASA, unlike previously mentioned space agency, was quick to respond to Waring’s claims. The agency said that Curiosity team has analysed it and concluded that it most likely came from the debris from the spacecraft that brought the rover to Mars.

This is not the first time that people have claimed to have found life on Mars. Because they think that the red planet is a favourite vacation spot for these alien species.

Recently, a professor from the University of Ohio, William Romoser, said that he found proof for insects having lived on Mars. This proof was in the form of pictures, again taken from past NASA missions where they show fossils of these insects. A press release from the university stated, "There has been and still is life on Mars. There is apparent diversity among the Martian insect-like fauna which display many features similar to Terran insects that are interpreted as advanced groups — for example, the presence of wings, wing flexion, agile gliding/flight, and variously structured leg elements."

Well these were tall claims and the proof was rubbished and he has gone down as another crazy scientist with not enough proof and who must have had too active of an imagination.

Back to UFO expert, he hasn't made any more claims nor said anything in response to NASA. So that's that.

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