Kimbho, a self-proclaimed WhatsApp rival, to officially launch in two months: Report

The Kimbho app was first announced back in May. It, however, was pulled down hours later, owing to alarming security loopholes.

Will you please spare a minute for the latest update on the Kimbho app? Yes, the same app that wants to take over WhatsApp, but only in a more sanskaari avatar. The same app we all went crazy over the day it was announced, and then we forgot about it like nothing ever happened.

Apparently, yoga guru Baba Ramdev has spoken about the Kimbho app and its almost immediate disappearance from the face of the Earth. According to a report by ANI, the Patanjali owner has said that the company needs another two months to set up the app before they ‘officially’ release it.

"During the testing phase of the app, we received large traffic. However, that was only the pilot phase. Preparations are currently underway. We will need around two months to set up the app, as we need to look into the intricacies of handling large user traffic," Ramdev was reported as saying.

The app was first announced in May by Patanjali Ayurved Limited, which claimed that it would be a major competitor to the leading messaging app in the market — with a big fat hint at WhatsApp.

However, hours after the app was announced and made live on the Google Play Store and Apple Apple Store, Kimbho was found to be infested with a whole lot of bugs and loopholes, inadvertently leading to the app being pulled down.

French security researcher who goes by the alias Elliot Alderson, was among the first to point out the loopholes in the app. He went on to call the app a “security disaster” and revealed a bug in the app’s OTP system.

Simultaneously, the app was also widely criticised by users for its uncanny resemblance to WhatsApp. From it’s logo to the user interface, the app had WhatsApp written all over it. Patanjali, however, insists that the app will be much better and will specifically cater to Indians.