The latest Instagram update lets you more creatively reply to photos and videos in private conversations

After introducing the reply thread in the comments section, Instagram has brought the same feature to private conversations as well.

The new update on Instagram. Instagram.

The new update on Instagram. Instagram.

The trend of threaded replies has finally made its way to Instagram. Through this new feature a user can reply via the conversation thread. It can be used with photographs and videos.

When the user receives let’s say, a photo, the one who receives it can click on the reply icon on the photo-message, which will give the user a range of options. On the screen the user will see the original photo in one corner. This photo can be moved around the screen. In fact, when long-pressed, the original photo covers half the length of the screen. At the cost of being creative, one can merge images in one screen. The same is possible with videos in private conversations and Instagram Stories, where Instagram takes the first frame of the video as a reply.

Unlike comment threads which can be tracked, these message threads expires in time. Unless you save the thread, the thread history can’t be viewed.

The update is available on Android and iOS

According to a study by researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology in the US, more than half of the selfies on Instagram are posted to show off a person’s appearance, including makeup and clothes.

Updated Date: Aug 19, 2017 17:52 PM