A teardown has revealed the working of Vivo NEX's pop-out camera

The smartphone world has been talking about the pop-up selfie camera of the Vivo NEX for some time.

Since the past few weeks, all everyone in the smartphone world is talking about is the pop-up selfie camera of the Vivo NEX and also the pop-out bezel of the recently unveiled Oppo Find X. Chinese smartphone makers have taken eliminating bezels from the phones very seriously and these two phones are a testament to it.

A teardown has revealed the working of Vivo NEXs pop-out camera

Vivo NEX

For those who have wanted to know how the Vivo NEX's pop-out camera works, myfixguide has done a complete teardown of the device and exposing the mechanism involved. The photos of down below show us components which makes the camera slide out of the phone's chassis. A spring, attached to the silver spiral stepper on its right pushes the camera upwards and retracts it down when the camera app shuts down.

Vivo NEX: Teardownmyfixguide

Vivo NEX: Teardownmyfixguide

The entire setup seems to be very well done and it is also very compact which gives the phone a slim look. However, as mentioned above, mechanical parts are just going to deteriorate over time. Attaching a moving part to a smartphone is not the smartest thing as there are several problems one has to address.

For instance, if the phone drops and damages the moving part or if dust creeps inside it, you can kiss the functionality of the phone goodbye. Also, a moving part means that the phone cannot be waterproof and, it will also need a special kind of case.

However, that is not to say, that the method of pop-out cameras cannot work. The design element still happens to be in the development phase and maybe in the long run manufacturers can make full-proof phones with moving mechanical parts.