Samsung enjoys mocking the gigantic notch on Google Pixel 3 XL, because why not!

We all know how Samsung has previously mocked Apple, but this time it took a jab at Google Pixel 3.

We all know that Samsung has previously mocked Apple. In the past, Samsung has made no secret of its disdain for Apple's design and components. However, this time the company wants to up its mocking business by taking a jab at Google's Pixel 3  and Pixel 3. The company particularly targeted the notch, in three separate instances.

Samsung enjoys mocking the gigantic notch on Google Pixel 3 XL, because why not!

The Pixel 3 XL features a gorgeous 6.3-inch OLED display. Image: Tech2

One, when a Twitter user responded to a @madebygoogle asking Samsung to "save us" from that notch. Samsung replied saying "Time to botch the notch."

The second was when the company mocked the big notch saying that "You could land a plane on it." A Google fan, not too pleased with Samsung, said that the company just wanted to make fun of other smartphone makers and went on to call it "S**tsung." Samsung, trying to play it cool, said: "You can do better than that nickname."

And no, it did not end there. A Twitter user, amused by the exchange, suggested that Samsung should give the person behind these tweets "a pay rise." The beautiful mind said that they would be looping their "boss into the conversation."

While Samsung makes news through these comments, they also say how highly they think of themselves. When a yet another Twitter user praise the Korean giant, the company responded with their firm belief that: "Not everyone is born to lead."

Check out the conversation here.

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