Parker, the AR-ready teddy bear from Seedling, is now available at the Apple Store for $59.95

Tech giant Apple will be the exclusive retailer of "Parker" — an augmented reality (AR)-ready teddy-bear "Parker" launched by children's toy startup Seedling, which comes to "life" through iOS-based AR effects.

Meet Parker, an AR-enabled teddy bear

Meet Parker, an AR-enabled teddy bear

Priced at $59.95, "Parker" works through a free AR app "Seedling" for playtime sessions and does not require battery, camera and Wi-Fi radio to drive meaningful user interactions, AppleInsider reported late on Tuesday.

Designed to facilitate play pretend for kids, "Parker" comes with a doctor's kit, backpack and special X-ray bibs that trigger AR responses in the corresponding app.

Children can diagnose common ailments with the the accessories made of wood, including thermometer and stethoscope to "cure" the teddy with a medicine bottle and spoon.

An iPad or iPhone running on iOS 11, can be employed for more in-depth examinations of the toy's bones and internal organs. Kids can use "3D Touch" to help it take deeper breaths and test lung capacity.

The in-app experience also features games and puzzles, as well as photo and video functionality, the report added.

On performing a successful treatment through solving a problem or a puzzle, "Parker's Happiness Factor" rises, indicated by special AR effects.

Updated Date: Oct 04, 2017 13:52 PM