OnePlus could launch a OnePlus 6T only if the industry has something new to offer

With no new hardware updates in the industry, the possibility of a OnePlus 6T seems bleak.

With the OnePlus 6 now out for sale, there is now growing speculation about the next best thing from OnePlus after every new smartphone launch, it’s the ’T’ model.

If the last two generations are any indicators, OnePlus is generally quiet on its 'T' models, and suddenly one fine day it announces a 'T' model, which is basically an upgrade over the outgoing model in any given year.

OnePlus 6.

OnePlus 6.

The T model usually ends up fixing a couple things, but also offers some upgrades. The OnePlus 3T was the first T series model that added a brand new Snapdragon 821 SoC, when the half-year-old OnePlus 3 model offered a slightly older one. The front facing camera too saw an upgrade, so it made plenty of sense in terms of future proofing to upgrade to a new model.

Speaking to OnePlus India general manager Vikas Agarwal at a recent event in Mumbai, revealed that OnePlus may not be keen on releasing a T model this year. The reason? The lack of new and useful hardware that actually adds value to the user experience.

Agarwal told tech2 that the OnePlus 3T was launched because Qualcomm released it 821 SoC. The OnePlus 5T, on the other hand, was born because the displays became bigger (18:9 display ratio), which also made it possible to reduce the bezels of the OnePlus 5 without too many modifications.

“Right now we don’t foresee any new change coming. But ’T’ series of devices are usually launched in Q4.”

As per the general manager, OnePlus would deliver a OnePlus 6T only if a major smartphone trend showed up by September.

He added that the T models are not meant to be upgrades to existing users (like the 5T was to 5 users) but was just OnePlus doing justice to customers by giving the best components to customers with little modification to the standard non-T model.

“Fans should not worry much about T upgrades as OnePlus 6 owners will not be upgrading to a 6T,” said Agarwal.

The general manager of OnePlus India compared the T upgrades to a software upgrade, just that this is a hardware upgrade with a minor spec bump in components.

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