Lockdown Legends Part 2: Tech that got me through the lockdown feat. Galaxy Tab A7, Vivo TWS Neo earbuds, Mi Watch Revolve

With a battery that easily lasts 8-10 hours, loud audio, sufficient brightness and light weight, the Galaxy Tab A7 has been a great lockdown companion.

Editor's Note: This story is part of a series about tech gadgets and devices that helped Team tech2 and some of our friends through the pandemic, lockdown, and the year 2020, in general.

"Thou shalt now work from home", the Earth seemed to say.

The lazy person inside of me screamed with joy when I learned that we will be working from home for a few days. I mean, the idea of working from home in sweatpants and slippers all day was bound to give me a twinkle in my eyes, because my pre-pandemic schedule included waking up early and rushing to the office by 7 in the morning.

"I stop drinking coffee, I stop doing the standing and walking and the words-putting-into-sentence-doing." -said someone who clearly knew what is the only thing that can help me crawl out of bed during these past few months.

Little did I know that behind the initial euphoria was a year full of anything but joy. Being cooped up in homes, binge-watching Netflix like a couch potato, stress eating, baking banana bread, sipping funny-tasting kadhaas and religiously following the COVID situation worldwide until we couldn't take it anymore: this is what most of the year looked like. But we did crawl out of this turmoil of fear, anxiety and madness to get our lives back on track and adapted to the "new normal".

From this dumpster fire of a year, came a few good things – our relationship with gadgets changed forever. Hands-down, my gadgets are the most important things that kept me sane over the past few months. The top three lockdown legends that helped get through this crazy year are my Vivo TWS Neo earbuds, Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 and Mi Watch Revolve.

My few fond memories of the lockdown include me singing Bella Ciao and Taylor Swift's Folklore tracks at the top of my lungs. Doing a zillion dishes for the umpteenth time didn't feel so depressing when I had good TWS Neo earbuds with a long-lasting battery at my disposal. Plugging in the earbuds and listening to EDM after cranking up the volume while taking a stroll on the terrace did feel like a perfect getaway for me.

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Vivo TWS earbuds. Image: Tech2/Priya Singh

Vivo TWS Neo earbuds. Image: Tech2/Priya Singh

Since we couldn’t visit gyms, these earbuds were also my companion when I worked out in my room, to create the vibe. For those who think playing loud music on speakers is better, obviously you don’t have younger siblings pretending to attend online classes in the next room. These earbuds are handy, don't take too much space on a work desk, are comfortable for continuous use and are actually not bad to look at. So there you go, this is one thing I am not letting go of anytime soon.

Another indispensable gadget was my Galaxy Tab A7. After cycles of anxiety, sadness and so on, I also started feeling FOMO when I realised I couldn’t attend my college roommate's wedding because of travel restrictions. Video calling from my smartphone screen was small consolation. Fortunately, the Galaxy Tab A7 saved the day. Not only for me, but my entire family got to attend the wedding virtually. The Tab also helped me and mom bond when we decided to set fire to all those lockdown savings by shopping online for a house makeover, dresses, footwear and whatnot.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7. Image: Tech2/Priya Singh

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7. Image: Tech2/Priya Singh

Spending 9-10 hours a day sitting on one spot in front of the laptop can be surprisingly exhausting and frustrating – even at home – but that is how I still spend my weekdays. As a reviewer, I like to write reviews at night with a clear head. This tab made writing, researching and even binge-watching while curled up in bed pretty effortless. Reading Nicholas Sparks' novels was also a phase for me during this lockdown. I used to carry the tab around the house, looking for a quiet spot to read. With a battery that easily lasts 8-10 hours, loud audio, sufficient brightness and light weight, the Galaxy Tab A7 has been a great lockdown companion.

During this time, I also used the Mi Watch Revolve (Review) to track my health by showing me the number of steps taken, stress level, calories burnt, monitoring my sleep, energy level and sending constant reminders to get up and stretch during my long working hours. Although the watch was not very comfortable to wear because of its huge size, it did make it to my Lockdown Legends list because it was constantly on my wrist, motivating me to get off my lazy ass and workout a little bit. One-hour evening walks and frequent workout sessions became a part of my daily schedule because of this smartwatch.

Mi Watch Revolve. Image: Tech2/Priya Singh

Mi Watch Revolve. Image: Tech2/Priya Singh

After reading about the newly found COVID-19 strain in the UK and South Africa, I feel like the work from home culture is not going anywhere anytime soon. It is better that we equip our homes and home office accordingly, and keep our Lockdown Legends handy.

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