Kimbho continues to fail as trial version disappears from Google Play Store

Kimbho was taken down yet again, and the company alleges that it was a conspiracy by MNCs.

One thing that we can learn from Patanjali is to keep trying until you succeed. The company’s chat app, Kimbho continues to fail, one version at a time, does not give up, and also loves making excuses.

Just about more than two months after it was taken down in a haste, the company announced on 15 August that Kimbho is set to re-launch on 27 August. Its trial version, however, was made available on the Google Play Store for downloads.

Kimbho continues to fail as trial version disappears from Google Play Store

Kimbho logo.

In less than 24 hours, users who downloaded the app reported issues including problems in setting up profile pictures and complained about the poor user interface.

The app was downloaded over 5,000 times since its relaunch, and all those users were incredibly disappointed with the features.

It looks like the Kimbho app is stuck in a hilarious rut. The app was taken down yet again, on 16 August, and the company alleges that it was a conspiracy by multinational companies against a Swadeshi firm and said the app will be back soon.

"#Patanjali #kimbho App has fallen victim of conspiracy of foreign companies #MNCs. We regret the inconveniences. It will be back soon," said a tweet by Patanjali Ayurved Spokesperson S K Tijarawala.

When Tijarawala was contacted, he said the trial version of the 'Kimbho' app was removed by Google without citing any reason. "We are communicating with them asking the reason why it was removed from the Play Store," he added.

E-mails sent to Google by the publication did not get a response.

While Patanjali is ambitiously pitching 'Kimbho' as a competitor to Facebook-owned Whatsapp, its funny how they keep failing but do not give it.

To make things every dramatic and funnier, Kimbho’s founder – who is supposedly an ex-Googler, Aditi Kamal has been promoting a strange replacement for Kimbho, an app called ‘Bolo.’

Check out her tweet.

Even though it hasn't launched itself completely yet, the Kimbho app is already offering us so much comic relief, with its launch and re-launch stories. Wonder what it will be like when the app actually launches. We are hoping it does, because who doesn't want to laugh.

With inputs from the Press Trust of India

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