Instagram users can now conduct Polls on Stories and enjoy enhanced text-editing features

These Instagram Polls can be as random as which snack you should have. For now, Polls can only give two options to users.

Instagram has added another update to Instagram Stories. The new update allows its users to conduct Polls on their stories.

Instagram now allows polling. Instagram.

Instagram now allows polling. Instagram.

These Instagram Polls can be as random as which snack you should have. To get started with this, the user has to open Instagram Stories and click a video, photo, or a boomerang picture. After this click on the post-it icon, which will show the polling icon. The polling feature appears on the Story. Bear in mind that this is only a two-option poll for now.

Once done, the Story with the Poll appears on the home page of other users, just like any other Instagram Story. Users can tap on the choice they like. The user conducting the Poll can see who has voted for which option, by swiping up the Story. The Polls, just like Stories, are ephemeral. Associated data will be lost after 24 hours.

In another update, the photo-sharing app has added a new feature where the user can change the colour of text according to the colours present in the photo or video. It can be changed by using the dropper icon which appears on the far-left corner of the screen.

Meanwhile, in an iOS-only update, blue guide lines appears on the screen, which can help the user to realign the text or stickers they have posted on the picture.

Instagram Stories are now available on the mobile web version of the photo sharing platform as well. However, this has not come on the desktop web version as yet. This feature is available only for viewing and no Stories can be uploaded from the web version. However, the folk at Instagram did say that there were planning to bring this on the web version too.

Recently, Instagram introduced a new tool where the user has a choice to block people from commenting on their Instagram photos. There are four categories to this. The choices are "Everyone", "People You Follow and Your Followers", "People You Follow" and "Your Followers".

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