Android 13, Pixel Watch, Pixel Phone 6a: Here’s what all to expect from Google I/O 2022

Google’s annual developer conference, I/O, is set to take place this week. While the major highlight is going to be the launch of Android 13, rumoured devices such as the Google Pixel 6a, Pixel Watch, and Pixel Buds Pro may also make an appearance.

Google I/O is scheduled to take place on the 11th of May this year, and although normally the event is labelled as a developer’s conference, this year, tech enthusiasts expect Google to make a number of announcements regarding their devices as well. 

Google IO set for this week, here are what we can expect

The keynote speech and announcements from Google I/O will be of particular interest to Google fans, which, they can attend virtually through the I/O website, and Google I/O’s YouTube channel. There will also be an archived version across Google’s social media profiles.

 There are a number of rumours floating around about the devices that Google will be releasing this year. These include the upcoming Pixel 6a, Google’s first wearable device the Pixel watch and a new Nest Hub. Although not all of these devices will be launched at the I/O event, developers and tech enthusiasts alike expect that they will be revealed in some form or the other at the conference. With that being said, the majority of the key announcements will be around the software side of things, so expect to see the first official preview of Android 13.

Google IO set for this week, here are what we can expect

Here are some of the devices and software developments that most tech enthusiasts are expecting:

The Pixel Watch

Google IO set for this week, here are what we can expect

Although rumours of a wearable device from Google have been making the rounds for years now, this is the year where they will officially enter the wearables market with their Pixel Watch. Google had spent billions acquiring Fitbit, so there is a pretty good chance that it would combine Google’s own developments and a number of Fitbit’s key features. This will be a smartwatch that can go toe-to-toe with the Apple watch.

Android 13

Google IO set for this week, here are what we can expect

This is a big one, and will certainly be the highlight of the I/O. Although Google has released the beta version of Android 13, it wasn’t anywhere close to the final version. At the I/O we’ll get a full idea of Google’s overall vision for Android 13. On the surface, it looks like Google hasn’t changed a lot of things with Android 13, and that it will be a lot similar to Android 12. There are a few visual changes which seem to be in continuation of Google’s changes to its thematic and aesthetic elements. However, under the hood, Google has tweaked the way Android apps interact with the OS, restricting a number of programmes and resources that these apps had access to by default.

The Midrange Pixel 6a

Google IO set for this week, here are what we can expect

For the last three years, Google has followed up each of its flagship Pixel smartphones with an affordable, midrange device. This year, Google might be launching the Pixel 6a, and with that, return to the Indian market. 

The highlight for most of its A devices, such as the Pixel 4a or the Pixel 5a was that compared to its flagship siblings, it would feature a lower specced processor but the same camera unit. With the Pixel 6a, Google will be flipping the approach. The Pixel 6a is slated to feature the same flagship Tensor processor from the Pixel 6, but a downgraded 12MP camera, instead of the Pixel 6’s 50MP shooter.

Pixel TWS Earbuds

Google has been preparing for the launch of its new line of TWS earbuds. Rumours suggest that the earbuds have been named Pixel Buds Pro. Although not a lot is known about the features and specs of the earbuds, the use of the word “Pro” is typically used to show they support active noise-cancellation.

A new Nest Hub

Although it has been just one year since Google launched the last generation of the Nest Hub, there is a different Nest Hub in the works. This one, apparently, will come with a detachable screen that could be used as a tablet and is expected to release at some point later this year.

A new foldable device

The chances of this happening are very slim, mainly because there haven’t been that many leaks around this, but apparently, Google has also been working on a foldable device. Android 12L, the new version of the Android OS that is optimised for foldable devices and tablets, is all slated to be released sometime later this year. But again, because there have been very few leaks around the foldable device, the chances of them announcing their own series of foldable devices are slim.

A hoard of surprises

Google has been known to show off their quirky R&D projects at the I/O conference, even if they might be years away from completion. So we can safely expect that there will be a couple of announcements around AR/VR and the metaverse. 

Other than these, Google also has made some minor changes throughout its portfolio of services. We hear that there are some significant changes coming to the office suite, as well as Google Photos.

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