Facebook’s mobile app is reportedly testing a Dark Mode in its new ‘FB5’ design

The mobile app code revealed that Facebook is already experimenting with a dark theme

Facebook announced a new design called ‘FB5’ to its mobile app during its F8 2019 developer conference. It’s a much cleaner design than the current one and it has been rolling out slowly. It hasn’t reached India yet and Facebook is already working on a dark mode in the app.

Facebook’s mobile app is reportedly testing a Dark Mode in its new ‘FB5’ design

Facebook's new FB5 design hasn't rolled out globally yet.

Spotted by app researcher Jane Manchun Wong, the Facebook mobile app is testing a Dark Mode in the new design. After looking at the code of the Facebook for Android app, she found an early stage of the feature currently under development at certain sections of the app.

For example, Wong found out that the Groups tab has received a partial dark theme whereas some sections like the News Feed and Profile page have nothing at all. There are certain sections where there’s black text on a dark background which is far from what it should look like in the final version.

The Facebook mobile app has a lot of functionality and features built-in. It could take quite some time for the final version of the dark mode to be implemented to every section and eventually be publicly rolled out. While we wait for the dark mode to go live on the mobile app, we are still waiting for the FB5 design to arrive in our region.

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