Elon Musk responds to accusations of Tesla illegally spying on its employees

This guys is super [nuts emoji], is what Musk had to say to the ex-employee’s accusations.

A former Tesla employee recently accused Elon Musk and the company of “unauthorized wiretapping and hacking” of another ex-employee. While these claims did raise a lot of eyebrows, Musk has responded to this saying, “This guy is super ”, as reported by Gizmodo.

For the ones who can’t see the emoji at the end of Musk’s response, it’s a peanut. Basically, meaning - this guy is super nuts aka crazy.

“He is simultaneously saying that our security sucks (it’s not great, but I’m pretty sure we aren’t a branch of the Sinaloa cartel like he claims) and that we have amazing spying ability. Those can’t both be true,” Musk’s statement further read.

 Elon Musk responds to accusations of Tesla illegally spying on its employees

Elon Musk. Reuters.

The ex-employee in question here is Karl Hansen, who says that a former Tesla process technician, Martin Tripp, was a victim of spying and hacking efforts by the company.

Hansen claims that Tesla installed “specialized router equipment within its Nevada Gigafactory designed to capture employee cell phone communications and/or [...] cell phone data,” and allegedly accessed Tripp’s cellphone even after his employment had been terminated.

He claims that these measures were personally put in place by Musk.

And that’s not all, he further claims that the people who were tapping Tripp were former employees of Uber, who have also been previously accused of spying and leaking trade secrets of Waymo.

Musk however defended Nick Gicinto (the ex-Uber employee) in a statement to Gizmodo claiming that he had “shown high integrity" in his dealings with the employee.

To the scenario, Tesla too issued a statement to the publication saying, “Mr. Hansen’s allegations were taken very seriously when he brought them forward. Some of his claims are outright false. Others could not be corroborated, so we suggested additional investigative steps to try and validate the information he had received second-hand from a single anonymous source.”

It adds, “Because we wanted to be sure we got this right, we made numerous attempts to engage further with Mr. Hansen to understand more about what he was claiming and the work that he did in reaching his conclusions. He rejected each of those attempts, and to date has refused to speak with the company further. It seems strange that Mr. Hansen would claim that he is concerned about something happening within the company, but then refuse to engage with the company to discuss the information that he believes he has.”

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