Apple reportedly testing out different designs for next-gen iPhone SE with expected launch in Q3 2018

Mac Otakara stated that there were several design variants which Apple is considering at the moment.

Rumors have been swirling for sometime about a how Apple plans on launching three new iPhone variants in 2018. The report has it that Apple will launch two OLED variants and one LCD variant. Another interesting rumor is about the next generation of the iPhone SE or the iPhone SE 2, which is widely believed to be unveiled at the upcoming WWDC 2018, set to take place in June. And now, new reports have emerged concerning the SE 2.

Apple reportedly testing out different designs for next-gen iPhone SE with expected launch in Q3 2018

Apple iPhone SE 2 render. Twitter: @VenyaGeskin1

Leaker Mac Otakara has revealed that the iPhone SE 2 will have the iPhone X FaceID feature and also the notch. To be quite fair, some in the tech world had already anticipated such a design for the new iPhone SE. However, Mac Otakara gave further insight by claiming that Apple hadn't quite decided on what the final design of the iPhone SE 2 would be like.

Citing a certain glass manufacturer, the blog states that there were several design variants that Apple is considering at the moment. Apple is also testing three types of prototype glass screens for the same. There is a possibility that Apple might consider a 6-inch display variant as well.

A common theme with all those glass screens was the lack of cutout for the physical home button, usually located below the display, as on the currently available iPhone SE. The lack of the home button hints at an iPhone X-like gesture-based interface. While the home button cutout was missing at the bottom end, there was a cutout at the top for large notch, similar to the one visible on the iPhone X, that hints at the possibile of omission of Touch ID  and the addition of a TrueDepth camera with FaceID authentication.

However, even if this design is true, Mac Otakara citing a Chinese accessory maker said that Apple will only be able to unveil this alleged iPhone SE 2 in Q3 this year. So that rules out any WWDC launch. However, it raises some new possibilities. Could it be that the iPhone SE 2 is one of the three iPhones that are rumored to be launched this year in September? The possibilities are endless and we will just have to wait and see what happens.

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