PUBG's new 50 vs 50 mode called Platoon mode is now live for PC gamers

The new mode pits 50 players against another 50 in a team-based take on the battle royale format.

It looks like a new mode is going to go live on PUBG for PC and by the looks of it, it's going to be a riot. This new mode is called the Platoon mode and it's going to pit 50 players versus another 50 players in the same format as that of a Battle Royale.

PUBGs new 50 vs 50 mode called Platoon mode is now live for PC gamers

People attend the PUBG Global Invitational 2018, the first official esports tournament for the game, in Berlin, Germany. Image: Reuters

The objective will be the same as usual. Your team has to be the last man standing. You are divided into 5 platoons of 10 players each. Friendly fire has been disabled in this mode and your platoon members are marked with a blue circle over their heads. All regular objectives such as looting buildings, staying in the circle and avoiding the red zones remain the same.

One can only assume that in-game voice communication will certainly go for a toss as 10 players start jabbering away into their mics. Platoon Mode kicked off on 18 October for the PC version of the game.

This is, however, not the first time that PUBG made an attempt at a 50 vs 50 mode. Back in May, a similar type of mode was launched and it was called the "Desert Knights," but server issues and crashes led to the mode's discontinuation within 24 hours. Fortnite itself has a similar 50 vs 50 mode which pops up from time to time.