PUBG ban in India: Gamers think it's dumb, ask why TikTok, cigarettes aren't banned

Here's what gamers had to say when asked about what they think about the PUBG ban.

PUBG Mobile is undoubtedly one of the most popular mobile games in India. While we haven't really come across a situation before where a mobile game has been banned across the country just for its sheer popularity, law enforcement agencies do seem keen on putting an abrupt end to PUBG in India.

Tencent, the makers of PUBG have received flak, and perhaps rightly so, for not doing enough to prevent children from getting "addicted" to the game, for affecting their studies and affecting their overall behaviour due to the promotion of gun violence in the game. This has led to the game getting banned in some cities across Gujarat, followed by numerous arrests for playing the game. Of course, what authorities will never discuss is the lack of regulation surrounding gaming in India, the lack of any law requiring compliance with international guidelines and rating systems and of course, they'll never discuss their disinterest in banning apps like TikTok, which is fast turning into a hub for the sexual exploitation of children.

PUBG and PUBG Mobile have been banned by law enforcement agencies in several cities in Gujarat.

PUBG and PUBG Mobile have been banned by law enforcement agencies in several cities in Gujarat.

We've heard what law enforcement agencies and parents have to say. We've also heard what lawyers have to say but what about those who actually play the game? The government is happy to paint them as addicts, but is that really the case?

Tech2 ran a poll on Twitter, Facebook and on its YouTube community page and while most respondents are of the opinion that a ban is pointless, they sure had some interesting answers in the comments — some sensible, some sarcastic and quite a few of them which will tickle you to the floor.

Addiction cannot be reason enough to implement a ban

A large majority of those who play the game appears to be confused about how law enforcement agencies are treating a video game on the same level as heinous crimes like theft and even murder. While most gamers suggest banning alcohol and consumption of tobacco should be the first step for the government, the larger point being inferred here is why single out a game when one can be addicted to things that are much worse?



More logical suggestions for dealing with the issue of PUBG addiction included the introduction of parental controls and stiffer age restriction measures. Given that the game is officially rated 16+ by international rating committees, this should have been included in the game by default anyway. Those who agree that the game can indeed be addictive also suggested better counselling measures for parents, instead of resorting to a ban on the game.


Overlooking the achievements of the gaming community

A number of gamers also pointed out how the emerging gaming community on platforms like YouTube were able to contribute to the families of soldiers killed in the recent Pulwama attack. The larger point here is the ability of a game like PUBG being a binding force in creating a community on social media.



Easing the panic

There were also a number of suggestions from gamers in cities like Rajkot and Vadodara where the game has been banned. To ease the panic, a few respondents on the poll clarified how the ban only disallows playing the game in public areas and educational institutions.

The comments that were too funny not to be shared

For the LOLs.



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