Harry Potter Wizards Unite: What are Inns, Spell Energy and how do they work

Any building, landmark or location of significance in the real world could appear as an Inn.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, a new AR-based venture from Pokémon Go-makers Niantic is now available for users in over 150 countries, including India. Reports are indicating that Wizards Unite is expected to make upwards of $10 million within a month. While it is true that the game takes a lot of inspiration from Pokémon Go (basically a copy-paste job in my opinion), it is still important to understand the different items and locations available to you in the magical world. In this piece, we shall discuss Inns and what is their significance in the game.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite.

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What are Inns?

Players who are familiar with Pokémon Go would know that in that game you had locations such as Pokéstops where you receive items such as eggs, Poké Balls and more. Similarly, Inns are places which are located on the map. You will be able to spot the ones near you and more can be discovered as you explore. Inns are indicated by small buildings and as with Pokéstops, you can enter one by getting within range and tapping on them. Any building, landmark or location of significance in the real world could be made an inn. For example near my office, the Galleria Mall appears as an Inn but I would have to walk closer, preferably to the road opposite to it, to get inside.


The green and blue-roofed buildings are inns.

What can you get inside an Inn?

You will receive Spell Energy. It's a metric that shows you how much magical power you've got left to battle Confoundables, Death Eaters and more. The way to replenish your Spell Energy is to head towards the nearest Inn and eat food. The way this works is that after clicking on an Inn you need to trace a Glyph on your screen which will then let you enter the Inn. Upon entering five dishes are spun towards you and a random one will be given to you. You can also purchase additional Spell Energy using real money.

How many different types of Inns are there?

The Inns can become slightly confusing as there happen to be different coloured Inns which offer different things. The Inns around me were purple, blue, and brown but data miners on Reddit have found out that there are, in fact, green, and pink coloured Inns as well. Reddit user zviznemte has compiled a list of all the types of Inns that are available in the map and has categorised what food items you can get and how much Spell Energy you can get from them. If the list is accurate, then green Inns that offer Turkey Dinners are worth 10 Spell Energy which is also the maximum you can get. It is also worth noting that there appears to be several unintroduced items such as Egg on toast, Pumpkin pasty and more.

 Spell Energy Items Where To Find
3 Violet Pudding Pink Inns
3 Afternoon Tea Brown Inns
3 Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans Green Inns
3 Pumpkin Juice Blue Inns, Purple Inns
3 Tomato Soup (Cauldron) Brown Inns, Purple Inns
5 Bangers and mash Purple Inns
6 Fish and Chips Brown Inns, Blue Iinns
6 Honeyduke's Chocolate Bar Green Inns
7 Butterbeer Blue Inns, Purple Inns
10 Turkey Dinner (chicken dinner) Green Inns

What else can you do in an Inn?

While getting Spell Energy is the main function of an Inn, you can also visit there to set up Dark Detectors which in Pokémon Go-parlance is similar to Pokéstop Lures. Basically, Dark Detectors will attract Foundables to your location. This will enable you to get XP faster and thus increase your level in the game.

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