Apex Legends season 2 trailers leak out; changes to King’s Canyon incoming

One of the trailers teases a new Legend with a laptop who could be named Crypto.

The second season of Apex Legends is almost here and its official trailer is scheduled to be released today. However, it has already leaked out along with a secondary trailer that shows exactly what is going to happen at Kings’s Canyon, the map of Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Season 2: Battle Charge.

Apex Legends Season 2: Battle Charge.

There are two trailers, one is cinematic whereas the other shows off all the updates coming to the second season. Both the trailers were leaked out on Reddit by u/ChangeThisXBL. In the first trailer, Octane is seen sprinting across the map while he dodges and eliminates members from the enemy team along with the help of his teammates. The newly announced Legend Wattson is also seen in action.

While the skirmish between them is normal, a mysterious character appears in the beginning with a laptop trying to hack into one of the central buildings in the map. After successfully hacking into the system, the tower blows up with an EMP explosion and everything changes in King’s Canyon. Following the explosion, huge dragons appear along with humongous dinosaurs walking on the map. Oh, and they stomp around so players will have to stay away from them. The mysterious hacker could be a new legend called Crypto, according to PC Gamer, who could be making their way soon to the roster of legends.

Because of the EMP explosion, many areas in the map have changed. Apparently, alien life is regrowing at certain places with the monsters finally being able to enter the region and probably attack the players. So, it seems like players will have more than just the enemy units to look out for while playing. It’s exciting to see changes coming to the map since it was kind of getting boring to loot in the same terrain and buildings over and over again.

The second trailer is the one that displays all the little updates coming in the second season called Battle Charge that was announced during the EA Play 2019 press conference before E3 2019. During the briefing, the company unveiled the tenth legend named Wattson and her abilities include creating electric fences around the perimeter. She can place the poles (a maximum of 12) of the fence and once they are placed, an electric barrier will activate. Her Ultimate ability is summoning an AOE drone that charges the player’s teammate’s shields and block enemy attacks including grenade’s and offensive legend abilities. Wattson’s passive ability allows her to get an ultimate charge to 100 percent using Ultimate Accelerants and repeatedly spam them.

A new weapon was unveiled called the L-Star which is a plasma energy machine gun. The final important update coming to Season 2 is a Ranked Mode. It has six tiers starting from Bronze and going up to Apex Predator. All ranked players will be given at the end of the second season and badges that can be carried to the next season. Battle Charge comes out in Apex Legends on 2 July.

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