Apex Legends Guide: How to nail your first victory within hours of starting out

Here's a quick roundup of gameplay hacks to put you on a path to your first victory!

Apex Legends may be a lot of things – balanced, faced paced, fun to play, and almost addictive – but one thing it’s not is easy. Well, at least in the beginning when you’re just starting off. If you’ve been following our coverage of Respawn Entertainment’s latest creation to shake up the Battle Royale genre, you should’ve come across our guide from last week. If you haven’t, be sure to check it out since it gives a good overview of characters, their abilities and the variety of weapons available in the game.

This new guide picks up from where the old one left off and takes you on a more hands-on dive into the game’s mechanics. Essentially, it’s a list of easy to implement tips that are almost guaranteed to get you your first victory.

So without further ado, here are things you can do in Apex Legends to nail your first victory within the first 5 to 10 hrs:

Gun priority

Apex Legends has a large variety of guns and ammo types – so much so that it can get a bit overwhelming when you are just starting out. Therefore, it is important to know which gun you should swap out for the other, and which one you need to hold on to, as you come across loot in the game.

Firstly, you’ll soon realise that sniping is more or less useless because healing, revival and relocation are fairly quick in the game. It’s kinda futile to down an enemy from 300 meters away only to find them either gone or fully healed up and ready to fight by the time you reach their location. So my advice is to ditch those snipers altogether, at least initially.

Secondly, energy weapons such as the Devotion and Havok although lethal, do have a steep learning curve. Besides, they need hop ups (more on that here) to reduce their spool-up time and actually make them viable. Therefore, in order to keep things simple, just be on the lookout for these four guns – the R-301 Carbine and R99 SMG (the light ammo guns), and the Spitfire and M600 (heavy ammo guns). For your secondary, be on the lookout for either of the two shotguns – the Peacekeeper or the Eva-8.

Apex Legends Guide: How to nail your first victory within hours of starting out

If you have an R-301 and Peacekeeper already, you don't need to bother with other weapons.

Of course, all of the above holds true only when you are spoilt for choice. When you’ve just landed, any gun is the best gun. Except the Mozamweak err… Mozambique. Literally punching an enemy to death is more effective than using this gun.

Gun combos

This brings us to weapon combos. While some people will tell you the Wingman is OP, and it indeed is, what you need to figure out is whether it is OP for you. I for one find it difficult to land semi-auto shots at medium range on moving targets, so I prefer auto weapons with large magazines which allow for some amount of inaccuracy. If that sound like you stick to an R99/R301 + shotgun combo, at least until you get your first win. Those two guns have nearly no recoil with the most basic of attachments – extremely beginner friendly. You can explore other weapons when stuck with them or when you are playing for practice. The good thing about this combo is that you are pretty much sorted for any type of engagement – both mid-range and close quarters.

Movement is crucial

Apex Legends has more in common with games like Tribes Ascend and Quake III Arena than a semi-tactical battle royale like PUBG. Meaning, you need to haul ass!

Being able to move quickly and use the terrain to your advantage, is just as important as your shooting ability. Get used to sliding, jumping, strafing and bunnyhopping all the time. It’s crazy how many times I’ve avoided a shotgun blast to the face by jumping around like mad in a small room, all the while eating away at the enemy’s health with a pea shooter pistol.

When running from one place to another or even between cover, be sure to hit [3] to holster your weapon in order to run at the fastest possible speed. When taking cover around boxes it helps to keep in mind that they can be climbed. Often that’s a good way to get the drop on the enemy.

Listen to those character callouts / voice chatter

Your characters (or Legends as they are called in Apex) reveal vital information about the happenings in the map by way of radio chatter or voice quips. The information they provide include things like incoming drops, how far the next ring is, whether they’ve been spotted, enemies close by and more. This is even truer when you are in a squad that has a Wraith. The character hears voices from the void which warn her when an enemy is aiming at her or if there’s a sniper around. The player playing as Wraith can then choose to warn teammates by hitting [H].

Playing in a squad is the key

There’s no doubt Apex Legends has a fantastic pinging system, complete with a variety of essential, canned voice messages that players can use. It almost seems like actually talking on voice chat is unnecessary. However, if you really want to start winning games you should preferably play with people you know. Even if playing with strangers, a premade squad talking on actual voice chat has an edge. Why? For one thing, minor elements of coordination such as ganking enemies work much better when all squadmates are on voice comms. So is disengaging from a skirmish and getting the f out of a tough spot.

Now, how do you suddenly manufacture squadmates to play with, you might ask. Well, LFG (Looking For Group) discord groups and subreddits are a good place to start. For example, at any given time this discord server has dozens of Indian gamers just waiting to join voice channels and team up with others, while popular threads like this one on r/IndianGaming should help you populate your currently empty Origin friends list.

You need a full squad to get those wins.

You need a full squad to get those wins.

Get used to spamming tactical abilities... frequently

Whether it’s Bangalore’s smokes or Pathfinder’s grapple, keep using every character’s special abilities frequently in order to get used to them. Often I find new players “saving up” their tactical ability to use at the perfect opportune moment. Don’t do that. Just spam it for no reason in order to get comfortable with it and understand its effects and limitations. Once you start doing this often enough a subconscious cooldown timer will keep running in your head so you’ll know your ability is ready to use without even looking at the bottom of your screen or paying close attention to the sound.

Re-map a few keys

For the most part, the default keybinds in Apex Legends work just fine, but you could still change it up a bit for your convenience. For example, hitting [V] for melee is tough in the midst of an up close and personal fight where both your and your enemy are frantically reloading and just one shot away from a kill. You could change your melee key to [F].

You could also try experimenting with changing your crouch button to make sliding around easier. If you have a mouse with extra buttons you could bind one of the more easily accessible ones to crouch. Similarly, some players like to bind their ult and tactical to [Q] and [E] while changing the pickup/interact to [F]. In this case, you should get used to hitting [3] to holster weapon quickly and clicking [LMB] to punch.

Camping doesn't work... but something else does

There are just so many ways to breach a building in Apex Legends that camping inside one just won’t cut it. A variety of grenades can be thrown, smokes can be deployed to cause confusion, and there’s ample opportunity to get an angle on you from one of the many windows each building has. Camping at elevations in the open doesn’t work too well either, except for locations that are only accessible via Pathfinder’s permanent zipline, and the final circle happens to fall on you. An example of such a place would be the roof of the tallest structure in Airbase.

OK, so if camping doesn’t work, does that mean you have to take every fight? Of course not. I find that in order to win one must take only the fights that are necessary i.e. play cautiously till you are down to the last three squads. Then swiftly move into attack mode as soon as you hear the last two squads fighting. Swooping in while two squads are distracted and have likely weakened each other feels like a ****move but hey, that’s how the game works. Are you in it for the ethics or are you in it to win the game, soldier?

Now go on and get those sweet dubs!