Apex Legends devs ban 355,000 players for cheating, discuss anti-cheat measures

The most common cheats include aim-bots and hacks that lets cheaters see through walls.

Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment has confirmed that they have been working on banning cheaters and implementing more capable anti-cheat measures. At last count, the developer has apparently banned over 355,000 cheaters on PC identified via the Easy-Anti-Cheat service.

The devs outlined their plans in a post on Reddit where they discussed other steps that they’d be implementing to counter cheaters. They’re working with experts within their team and outside of EA (the game’s publishers) for solutions. The internal anti-cheat team is also being scaled up. The company did also mention that it would be secretive about any concrete steps simply because the information would only benefit cheaters.

Cheaters are prevalent in all games and especially so in popular multiplayer titles like PUBG and Apex Legends. The most common cheats include aim-bots (to help cheaters instantly target enemies) and wall-hacks (which lets cheaters see through walls and other obstacles).

Respawn also discussed other issues affecting the game and what they’d be doing about it. One issue involves players spamming during character select and then disconnecting. Other issues including game stability and performance issues will be addressed soon, as will issues of slow server performance at the start of matches.

Players have also been complaining of not being able to reconnect to a match after being dropped. Respawn devs said they’re looking into the issue but can’t implement anything yet because such a system could be abused by cheaters.

Only recently, Respawn introduced a patch that rebalanced some of the most overpowered weapons and underpowered legends in the game.

Apex Legends devs ban 355,000 players for cheating, discuss anti-cheat measures

Respawn Entertainment say they've banned over 355,000 cheaters on PC.

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